Paris Hilton’s Always On The Phone!

Yesterday i noticed that most of the pictures i’ve seen of Paris Hilton, show her on a cellphone! Is this so she doesn’t have to answer those pesky questions by the video paps?

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  • Grace says:

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  • rainbone says:

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  • Grace rainbone!!

  • I think that Paris is always pretending to be on her cellphone. Like, how could she even hear what the other person is saying. The phone was prob given to her, (and she was paid) to get pictures of her with it. I am sure of it!

  • Someone important says:

    As a personal friend of hers, on her blog she wrote:

    I have a BlackBerry addiction. I have a BlackBerry obsession. I need help. I cannot lay still in bed, whether I’m attempting to sleep or just waking up, without holding my Blackberry. Even though it might not vibrate, I swear it does when it doesn’t, so I check it regardless. I’m crazy. – I love my family and friends. I don’t need people who are going to cause problems for me. Please.

    her personal myspace:

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