For The Record Video: Britney Spears!

[youtube KVQQnroZ66A]

Britney Spears‘ 90 minute documentary airs on November 30 at 10pm on MTV! This is the first time Britney will talk about all her crazyness in her life so grab a bag of cheetos and some Red Bull and hold on to your wigs ya’all and just watch!

3 Responses to “For The Record Video: Britney Spears!”

  • leann says:

    i wish britney the best i think she is finally getting the help she needs and can be a spokes person for the people who suffer from bipolar disorder and post partum depression glad shes back i cant wait for her come back!!! im rooting for her and i just want the real brit back!!

  • oscar says:

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  • cindy says:

    That’s good she’s having a “comeback” that seems to be less of pressure and positiveness. Was it only like last year she had her “crazy” issues…but that was because of her bad influences and divorce.

    Without a doubt, she’s lookin’ fine!

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