Ellen DeGeneres’ Wedding Arrivals!

Ellen DeGeneres 50 and Portia De Rossi 35 got married at their Beverly Hills home on Saturday! Both wore Zac Posen and exchanged rings by Neil Lane during the Saturday ceremony. Their big day also featured arrangements by L.A. florist Mark’s Garden.


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  • 3rdalbum says:

    Just uploaded video taken by a hidden camera of the wedding. Have a look at Youtube for more.

  • portia: the “SECOND” thirty-five years of FAKING won’t be so easy at all.
    BUT YOU CAN GIVE IT A TRY…….why not?
    (the naive americans are front row watching you two.)

  • anti-tox says:

    The best part was the adopting couple were homely, badly dressed, souless and completely silly.

  • kennyyang says:


  • w00 says:

    So, will they keep their respective surnames?

  • Sprmcandy says:

    Ellen is soo fucking lucky to have wed a Beautiful & Gorgeous lady as Portia. Wish it was me.

  • Diana Tingue says:

    I am so proud of these 2 women. They are women who love each other and who want to express that love by getting married. What a wonderful way for them to show their love to one another and to show the world that they are committed to one another and that they have the right to have this union recognized by the people of the state of California and the world. I celebrate their love for each other.

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  • Carol Mendenhall-Poole says:

    I absolutely love your show. It mskes me feel happy. I have depreesion, panic disorder and blah balh balh balh…….etc. When I watch your show, it really lifts my spirits. I laugh, and feel so good. I think you should have some people on your show that need your positive enery. But, that would not be funny, and I know that your show is about making people laugh. You are awesome, and you are my favorite talk show host. My greatest experience would be to meet you, but I know that someonw with depreesion would not be too funny. Thank you for your show, I tape it every day and it makes me laugh. Thank you Elllen.

  • SUE MANNING says:

    I am absolutely thrilled!! I just love to sit back and watch Ellen here in West Aust and think Ellen is so god damm gorgeous. Congratulations to you both. CHEERS

  • sabriye ataseven says:

    ellen senin programını hiç kaçırmam hep insanları mutlu ediyorsun ben de burdan cok kıskanıyorum çünkü böyle seni yakından görme şansım yok ama bilki türkiyeden başkalarını bilmem ama ben hep sonuna kadar hayranınızım

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