UFO’s Are Taking Over The UK!

Plotted on a map of Britain, the UFO sightings can be seen to stretch from Liverpool to Dover and from Llanelli to Derby. Whatever the explanation, experts agree that the number of suspected flying saucers has hit unusual highs this summer. Malcolm Robinson, who studies the phenomenon, said: “Something very bizarre is happening in the skies over the UK.” …“Some experts believe it could be linked to global warming and craft from outer space are appearing because they are concerned about what man is doing watching Hanna Montana re-runs!.”Among the mysterious flying objects spotted in recent months was a ‘glowing’ disc spotted above the M5 motorway. Royal Navy aircraft engineer Michael Madden said he watched the UFO for three minutes before it ‘zoomed off’ near Weston-super-Mare in Somerset.

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  • This country needs more tourisme?
    this is a way?
    Think about the john delorean drama.
    But let’s imagine succes now?

  • Saharadust says:

    The visitation in your world now is very extensive, so much so that people in all parts
    of the world are witnessing it and are experiencing its effects directly. What has brought
    these “visitors” from the Greater Community, these different organizations of beings, is not
    to promote the advancement of humanity or the spiritual education of humanity. What has
    brought these forces to your shores in such numbers with such intention are the resources of
    your world.
    This we understand may be difficult to accept at first because you cannot yet
    appreciate how beautiful your world is, how much it possesses and what a rare jewel it is in a
    Greater Community of barren worlds and empty space. Worlds such as yours are rare
    indeed. Most places in the Greater Community that are inhabited now have been colonized,
    and technology has made this possible. But worlds such as yours where life has evolved
    naturally, without the aid of technology, are far more rare than you might realize. Others
    take great notice of this, of course, for the biological resources of your world have been used
    by several races for millennia. It is considered a storehouse for some. And yet the
    development of human culture and dangerous weapons and the deterioration of these
    resources have caused the alien Intervention.
    Perhaps you might wonder why diplomatic efforts are not established to contact the
    leaders of humanity. This is reasonable to ask, but the difficulty here is that there is no one
    to represent humanity, for your people are divided, and your nations oppose one another. It
    is also assumed by these visitors that we speak of that you are warlike and aggressive and that
    you would bring harm and hostility to the universe around you despite your good qualities.
    Therefore, in our discourse we want to give you an idea of what is occurring, what it will
    mean for humanity and how it is related to your spiritual development, your social
    development and your future in the world and in the Greater Community of Worlds itself.
    People are unaware of the presence of alien forces, unaware of the presence of
    resource explorers, of those who would seek an alliance with humanity for their own benefit.
    Perhaps we should begin here by giving you an idea of what life is like beyond your shores,
    for you have not journeyed afar and cannot account for these things yourself.
    You live in a part of the galaxy that is quite inhabited.
    Book allies of Humanity.
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