Kirstie Mc Fatty

What the hell is the deal with Kirstie Alley? Afterstepping down as a Jenny Craig spokesmodel, she has been looking a bit haggard. Seen driving over to Tom Cruises house warming party on Saturday she didn’t look too hot. She lost 75 pounds and kept that weight off for more than a year during her stint with Jenny Craig, Scott Parker, vice president of marketing for the company, told People. “Although Kirstie will not appear in future advertising endeavors for us, she does remain on Jenny Craig’s maintenance program and is confident that our program has helped her incorporate positive lifestyle changes that should last a lifetime,” he said. Since then, Actress and singer Queen Latifah has joined Valerie Bertinelli as a celebrity spokeswoman for the company. What the nitty gritty comes down to is that this diet actually works, just not for lifetime fattys like Alley. She just needs to stick to it for once and while and put down the damn twinkies! The best part is she claims she has gained 10 pounds since her contract ended……. about according to our picture we took on saturday, either she is delusional or just thinking thin. Maybe Richard Simmons should move in and take control of this woman……



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