Ali Sims Is No Laughing Matter

Other than crossing the path of paparazzi galore and Hilary Duff, who knows what Ali Sims was laughing about while leaving Starbucks in Beverly Hills yesterday. Doesn’t seem like Ali should be laughing at anybody but herself…. given she her own family is almost at their end with her. Why is it that her and Brit are so addicted to Coffee Bean and Starbucks…. what the hell. It’s funny….. because if she wanted to be more stealth mode she could pick less obvious locations. I think she just digs the attention….. since no one else has been giving it her lately. It’s good to┬ásee her cousin Brit getting her butt back in gear (and I am not just talkin about the gym) with her kids and career…. not to mention spend more quality time with her expecting sister (who I heard to growing in size). Should we anticipate mini Spears to be the bigger mommy role model for us? hmmmm we will have to wait and see. This should be interesting……



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