P.O.D. To The Extreme

 If you missed the late night show last night with Jay Leno, you missed one heck of a performance by no other than the infamous P.O.D. (Payable on Death). With a 15 year career, over 8 million albums sold, a series of top charting radio hits, sold out concert tours worldwide and four #1 MTV videos, this talented group of guys has a very powerful musical vision that offers something different, but yet special to the music industry. Their devoted and supportive fanbase, otherwise known as the “warriors” continue to grow daily.  With the talent that this group possess, it seems as if they were born to make music.  Having the opportunity to spend quality time with them before and after their performance, I have to say they were all very pleasant and bit humurous to say the least. I had to see what these guys were all about, given I have been listening to their music for a number of years now…….. and come on……. I admit…… I LOVE TO REPORT THE SCOOP. Yes…. time and time I may hand over the celebrity sleaze on a silver plate, but I have to say…… I LOVE THESE GUYS. Besides….. I have to give credit to those I admire, and tonight is one of them. Good job guys, great performance and for the record…… sorry if I drank the rest of the coffee backstage.  If you all have not picked up your own copy of P.O.D.’s new album….. I am commanding you to do it now, before I make you.



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