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Brendan Fraser’s No Mummy!

Yes, that is a full set of hair! Is it human hair? Now that’s another question! Brendan Fraser’s coming back with a new movie ‘The Mummy;Tomb Of The Dragon Emperor!” so watch out!

Phoebe Price Can Read!

Phoebe Price has become a tabloid obsession over the past few years! From cottage cheese thighs to forgettable dresses, this Princess is got it out for the tabs! From the look of things Phoebe’s turning a new leaf! Just back from the Cannes film festival, Phoebe’s turning heads with a new approach by giving a thumbs down to the tabloids and hopefully a thumbs up to a new look for 2008!

Tori Spelling And Little Liam!

Tori Spelling and hubby Dean took little Liam shopping for baby sunglasses and clothing over the weekend! Here you can see that Liam was very happy to have a sip of water!!

Jason Segel Films “I Love You Man!”

Funny man Jason Segel fresh off of the set of “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” films his new movie “I Love You Man” in Santa Monica.

We Love Seth Green!

We say yes to Seth!! His humor in person by far outstounded any movie scene I have seen him in. He was visiting Las Vegas Palms Casino last weekend and spent the day lounging by the pool in the vip island area. Along with his entourage of cool cats, we got the opportunity to sip on some nice wet cocktails while enjoying some sun (Seth needs some nice shade because of his nice fair skin he is sporting). After talking with him for 5 minutes about the security, cabanas and menu, he mistakened me for being a host for the hotel (thanks seth) and at that time he realized that I clearly wasn’t, and in turn laughed our asses off because we both felt like retards. Anywho, he told me to mention in this blog what an asshole he was (joking!) and so I am going to do you a favor Seth and say that you are one badass funny guy and it was a pleasure sharing  that ridiculous vip island  with you….. until next time.



Snoop-A-Loop In Vegas!!!

Snoop-A-Loop was seen visiting the Palms Casino and Resort in Vegas last weekend, where he shot some scenes of his “Father Hood” reality tv show with his wife and kids. Scenes of the show were shot on the vip upper deck area of the bar. As he walked in with his entourage and camera crew into the pool area, his Sensual Seducation song was playing up above. I had the honor of meeting him and the kids and along with his very calm and collect voice and language, he definitely held his ground as being the Dogg Father of gansta rap. Not to mention, he was sporting some sick corn rows. off the chain.




Marcia Cross Wore A Wig!

Marcia Cross from “Desperate Housewives” shocked photogs yesterday when she left Jessica Simpson’s favorite hair Salon “Ken Paves,” with short dark hair! Most of the photogs actually didn’t recognize her leaving the salon! Turns out it was just a funny wig! Actually, Marcia makes us realize that she really does need a new hair style! Ya, you should of actually done it, we would of been proud Marcia!!

Britney Spears Wears Nicole Richie Style Sunglasses!

Yikes! Britney Spears licks her sweaty lips while leaving Lisa Kline in Beverly Hills!

Putting The K In Kardashian


 Chloe Kardashian was seen recently at the Dolce restaurant party with Ashton kutcher and jesse metcalfe in attendance. With her fuzzy feather dress, black heels and clutch in hand, her lil sassy ass was in perfect mode. I have to say Chloe has been looking better recently…… and her lips (whether they are fake or not) are luscious as ever and I am loving it. Their reality show, The Kardashians, didn’t take to my interest at first, but with all of her drama and fun-filled day to day agenda, I find myself watching it more….. let’s see who Chloe’s next boyfriend will be. Should we assume she will add another NBA basketball to the mix? We will just have to wait and see…….


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Audrina Patridge Still With JB!

Audrina Patridge and Justin Bobby went to the Dolce party last night! Justin dressed as Mr. Roper from Three’s Company and Audrina dressed as a $10 H_____! is an online celebrity gossip blog with up to date celebrity news, gossip, and exclusive candid pictures of Hollywood's hottest celebrities.
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