Paris’ Promotion @ Kitson


Paris Hilton went to Kitson yesterday to promote an auction for one of her fans to win a shopping spree with her. OMG…..seriously. Are people going to be bidding for the free spree or meeting Paris…. hmmm. Regardless,  I have to say that she looked good @ her promotion so who knows…. maybe she will have a big winner. The more preppy look does her good (aside from her all-baring wardrobe). Not to mention, giving her body a rest from all of the extra curricular activity helps the skin. I think she needs to get over the party girl days and let Benji loose. You don’t want to be known as the girlfriend band groupie, and for the record….. what the hell is up with her “BM” ring on her engagement finger. How disturbing is that…….all she needs now is a tatoo on her forehead saying “desperate”.



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