Miley’s Millions

Most of you know her as Hannah Montana….. or now according to People Magazine, one of Hollywood’s richest kids. According to People Magazine “ Miley’s Millions: She’s a one-kid industry: Disney Channel’s Hannah Montana is cable’s top kids’ series; she signed a seven-figure deal for a book about her family; her sold-out tour had Barack Obama scrambling for tickets; her concert movie grossed $65 million. Billy Ray’s girl earned roughly $17.5 million from the tour alone, but mom Tish, 40, swears all that cash isn’t going to Miley’s head: “A lot goes into her [investment fund], which she can’t get until she’s 18. At the end of the day, she doesn’t have much left.”Splurges: She collects Electra bikes: “I like their old-school design, and they’re fun to ride.” Until she’s old enough to drive: She told Jay Leno in February, “I want a vintage Corvette.”

Who would have known……… watch out Olsen Twins….. here comes Miley~

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