Lunchtime With Nicollette


Today Nicollette Sheridan from Desparate Housewives was seen having lunch at the Ivy restaurant. Another celeb sighting at the Ivy…. IMAGINE that. Anywho, the seriously engaged actress made her way out of the restaurant, tipping the valet $10 (whoopdie do). So…. where on earth is Mr.Bolton??! Nicollette & Michael Bolton’s relationship started in 93′ ( lasting about a year and a half )– and then carrying on seriously not until 2005, with the announcement of their engagement more than two years ago. Jesus we arn’t getting any younger, so let’s tie the knot already people. It blow’s my mind how a couple can date for an extended period, with a long engagement, and continue carrying on like that. In this case, either its one of two things: commitment issues, or serious issues. Their excuse they claimed to People magazine was that they were busy, but having a great time. Hmmmmm yeah. Well enjoy your “technical engagement”, as for me, I would rather hang myself then be involved in some dragged out fairyland engagement. She’s too hot for Bolton anyways.


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  • and…………………….DID YOU FEEL IMPORTANT?
    btw: you are not.
    ……………’re welcome!!

  • Peter says:

    Mmmm, not her fan.

  • benlove says:

    she is really hot.

  • brookriver says:



  • Nix says:

    Okay, it’s 2014 now and still no photos? Really??? This couple is NOT married! Bonded by a mutual agreement perhaps a little ceremony to seal the agreement perhaps something to satisfy mom’s stomach but it’s not marriage. Father didn’t attend? Really?? I have a African American father and he fo’daymum sho’ aint gonna miss none of our weddings and he fo’ dayum sho’ aint gonna let no Niccah pimp us out of our skills and talents!!

    Hard head makes a soft behind…is an understatement in some cases. She should have done what the Lord wanted her to do vs. what she wants to do.

  • Nix says:

    I will pray to the Lord that he has mercy on her heart but she will go through some pains for being rebellious against the Word of God. She knows what I’m talking about too. No criticism. She is way more hollier than Jay-Z. Way better grounded in church with a close relationship with God. No matter how much money you make, or contribute in tithing, the Word of God is consistent in all it’s righteousness.

    Come back to church Beyonce’. The saints of God welcome you.

  • Nix says:

    And, bring the baby too!

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