Bend over Beckham


Today Ms. Beckham was seen with her bodyguards shopping at Kitson on Robertson blvd. Who knew Ms. Fancy pants would be oh so MAJOR to shop with her large and in charge superhero guards. I think it’s a bit funny how with poor sales of her dVb denim line (not to mentioning the rumors of it being dropped by retailers), Victoria Beckham headed over to Kitson in Beverly Hills on Tuesday to help create a little buzz. This hosh posh english bird really knows how to stir up the town. I have to admit that I enjoy watching Ms. Beckham and her high maitenance lifestyle for mere amusement….. I just wish her amazing husband was around more so us women could drool. How on earth does David get excited sleeping with a anorexic bird every night. OMG someone feed her a burger. Now. Please.



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