Kathy Griffin And The Paparazzi!


Kathy Griffin and Britney’s paparrazo Adnan went for a little spin through Beverly Hills yesterday! It looked like Kathy was filming her show “Life on the Z list,” while browsing around town for a little attention!


8 Responses to “Kathy Griffin And The Paparazzi!”

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  • hereIambaby says:

    i think she looks great because at least she’s ecouraging natural body definition and not plastic surgery, which we all know a lot of our latina sisters have resorted to ummm, ninel conde come to mind? Seems she is also I saw some pics looks like her very much at that club. It’s so sorry to hear of her bad news. Just want her back.

  • ‘t’s pretty clear though:

    how low can you go?

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  • wednesday says:

    I wouldn’t let this filthy man near me Kathy. You went down in my estimation just acknowledging he is alive.. I thought you are so above not giving him any kind of publicity. Oh well.

  • Shea! We all know its either for her show. Or she is tryin to get in some magazine cover. lol

    I love that Kathy!

    it could also be pop fiction….


  • Sericea says:

    Kathy…Just got finishing watching this episode..I was laughing so hard..You better watch it, your mother might get on her own show..I just love her..I hope your show goes on forever..You are hilarious

  • SmearKathyOffTV says:

    Kathy Griffin is a real piece of Garbage. She make Trash smell Good. A pap smear on TV that is not funny. What? She has no brains or thoughts of her own to write new material for her show. This is cheat type of laughs. Doing this so young woman will not be scare to go in for a doctors check up…..what is scary is seeing her and hearing that nasty voice on the air wavey. To Bad, Obama cann’t tax that and lose her in his stimlus package.

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