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Bugg-Eyed Paris

Bug Eyed Paris was seen leaving Prego restaurant in Beverly Hills with boy toy benji madden yesterday. One thing is for sure, Ms. Hilton is quite stuck on Madden. Everywhere he goes, she follows. Who knows about their little romance……… it may last. Paris goes threw boyfriends like underwear (well lack there of) so we will have to see. Paris and Nicole as sister in laws…… looks like a disaster waiting to happen!



What’s Next For Miley Cyrus?

Just asking!


Paris’ Promotion @ Kitson


Paris Hilton went to Kitson yesterday to promote an auction for one of her fans to win a shopping spree with her. OMG…..seriously. Are people going to be bidding for the free spree or meeting Paris…. hmmm. Regardless,  I have to say that she looked good @ her promotion so who knows…. maybe she will have a big winner. The more preppy look does her good (aside from her all-baring wardrobe). Not to mention, giving her body a rest from all of the extra curricular activity helps the skin. I think she needs to get over the party girl days and let Benji loose. You don’t want to be known as the girlfriend band groupie, and for the record….. what the hell is up with her “BM” ring on her engagement finger. How disturbing is that…….all she needs now is a tatoo on her forehead saying “desperate”.



No Cottage Cheese Here!

Ok, so this weekend some crummy beach photos were taken and are now circulating on the internet which show our precious Phoebe Price with a little cottage cheese thigh! We’ll you can be sure here at CelebrityPuke that we saw Phoebe’s money makers today and their AIN’T no Cottage Cheese ya’all!

Chris Crocker’s A Creature Of A Few Words!

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Sounds like Chris Crocker ain’t to happy with Peanut! Chris was kinda wearing a green dress all while trolling around Beverly Hills with the the words F— Perez on his chest! Check out the video and he’ll let ya know why !


The Daily Puke!

(GalleryOfTheAbsurd) is back!

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Dirty Dash

Kim Kardashian was seen taking a stroll the other day in Beverly Hills. Don’t get insulted by my title…. I just love the dirt on dash. She always has something going on….. and loves the publicity. I have to admit, she looks good when she’s all done up, despite some of the photographs taken in her “no cake makeup” phase. With all of the shopping she does….. I’m surprised she can still afford that bentley. Hey dash…… you can take me shopping anyday



Perez Patrol


Princess Perez was seen with Katie Price(Jordan) and her hubby  Peter Andre the other day in good ole’ LA! They had lunch at a cafe for there Uk reality show with a Q & A with Peanut. If you guys havent’ been caught up on Brittish model extraodinaire (Pamela Anderson wannabe) Katie Price, she launched her lingerie for fashion label “George at Asda” at The Worx in London with the help of six members of her fan club (of ALL SHAPES and SIZES) to strip down and bare it all back in early May. She threw in some whales to help market her line geared towards “real” women.  She said, “I decided that I wanted girls from my fan club to model [the lingerie line] with me in front of the press so I got them to write in and then I chose six girls.” Wow….. surrounding yourself with ugly whales in your photo shoot… this to make your ego bigger?? So…… what is this Brittish beauty doing with Perez?!? Ewwwww. Perez, sorry darling but you look constipated in this photograph, and for god’s sake…… if my boyfriend looked anything like you I would kill myself, so lose the shirt.

p.s. Jordan’s lingerie will now appear in all UK Asda stores



Captain Peachfuzz And The Anchovy Bandit!


Mr. Brown aka Quentin Tarantino had a laugh yesterday as he watched the UK’s Katie & Peter walk around Sunset Plaza with a dozen paparazzi. Quentin asked one of our photog’s “Who was that?” Like most of Hollywood a lot of us don’t know who most reality stars are, only movie stars!

Janet Jackson And Paris Hilton!



Jacko’s little sister was out playing with celebrities last night! Janet Jackson, Paris Hilton, Nicole Richie and the Madden brothers were all partying at Foxtail nightclub in Hollywierd last night! guess ya missed it ya’all! is an online celebrity gossip blog with up to date celebrity news, gossip, and exclusive candid pictures of Hollywood's hottest celebrities.
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