Dancing With The Stars To Posing Naked


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Ms. Shannon was seen leaving a dance studio in beverly hills yesterday after training for “Dancing with the stars”. This tv vixen, gone poker professional, has come along way from American Pie days. You could say she has definetly switched gears…… atleast that’s what we think. From jumping from poker circuit to Dancing with the Stars, this little lady has been quite the busy body. She currently has four World Series of Poker event cashes to her name now, and placed third in the 2007 NBC National Heads-Up Poker Championship. Whats more impressive than a women who’s got hot legs and ass….. wait I meant beauty and brains. Getting chosen as contestant on Dancing with the Stars, is helping her career in a good way, not like gold digger Heather Mills and her fake ass leg. Sorry, not making fun of the leg situation, I just can bear watching that pathetic troll on the tube. As for all of her recent extracuricular projects, Shannon is an animal supporter and started a charity helping them called animal avengers. What’s next….. hmmm the buzz is Shannon may consider posing nude for PETA…. check it out~

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  • How much you wanna bet these fake ass celebs join Peta and pose nude for them because they need more publicity. Alica Silverstone and others who’s careers are in the toliet all of a sudden become animal crusaders, and pose nude. I love animals and respect the ASACP and other orgs for animals, but PETA is just a animal lover’s version of Scientology. They act so crazy when people don’t do what they think is right and I have no respect for them. Their more Hollywood then any other animal rights organization, and it’s FAKE FAKE FAKE!

  • webbizo says:

    Her beauty gave her fame but not glory. She’s a average actress so posing nude is probably the next step to stay in the tabloids. Pity, pity pity

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