Priscilla’s Face Gone Wild

[youtube g7PLJLRWJDg]

Ok where do we start with this one?? Another Hollywood surgery tragedy makeover. Just when we thought it couldn’t get any worse with the so-called miracle injections, Priscilla Presley gets stuck with a phony cosmetic doc that ends up making her look like her face hit a wind tunnel. If you haven’t noticed the dramatically different facial features she has on Dancing with the Stars, you should go check it out… if anything for mere amusement. This botched job can be accredited to Dr. Daniel Serrano (aka Dr. Jiffy Lube), who worked on Priscilla around 2003. Slimeball Serrano (originally from Argentina) hooked into Hollywood’s social A-list and started giving them what he claimed were miracle injections that worked better than Botox.

To make a long story short Dr. Jiffy Lube was indicted by the Feds for smuggling drugs, and use of unapproved drugs. This loser was injecting women with industrial, low grade silicone, which is used to lubricate auto parts. This in turn, causes very serious side effects, not to mention crazy ass deformity. If this guy doesn’t get deported, he is going to have a very serious group of female Hollywood plastics hunting him down. Ruuuuuun for your life!~

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