Usher And Tameka Spotting!!


Usher and his wifey Tameka (still working off the baby fat) were seen Saturday while shopping at Maxfield’s on Melrose. Doing some post-baby shopping, they seemed to be content for the most part. Last November, they welcomed their son Usher Raymond V in Atlanta following a quiet civil ceremony marriage after cancelling their their lavish wedding event in the Hamptons. I would have rather seen Usher with his former love Rozonda ‘Chilli’ Thomas from Tlc….. but he just couldn’t keep his cheating junk in the trunk. Now he’s stuck with a money-hungry, social climbing leech. How did this woman ever work as a celebrity stylist?! I don’t care how many pairs of Manolo’s shoes or Gucci bags this woman owns, there is one thing you cannot buy and it’s called STYLE.  I wouldn’t even hire this broad to dress my own dog! ugh.


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  • sweetface says:

    oh thats what they was doing they getting ready to have a party for there son that nobody saw yet maybe they are finney going to show there 5 morth son now everybody can see that she really did have his son after all i bet her other sons will be there to and am sure usher family will be there to. cant weit to see pices of there child finnely.

  • i give them two years. Tops.

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  • Natasaaa says:

    Usheeeer is the best!!!! <3<3<3<3 :)

  • Jasmine says:

    yUH are Talented and i love yur new song hope yuh have the Best life.<3

  • Noviee says:

    OMGosh, I watch & love ALL the Housewives shows! I also love these little sterios & updates on the internet about all the ladies (however I use the term VERY loosley)! OK you can totally tell that NS & Tenesha Burks are the same person by the misused & repeated you’ll in each set of her comments. I’m like a lil detective with this stuff. LOL! I honestly don’t think ANYONE who truly is Sheree’s friend or defender should even read these type of sterios where you know people are going to be bashing her! This is a GOSSIP column & will probably only serve to upset YOU in some way. If you really are a FRIEND or know her PERSONALLY then I don’t think she would like you spreading her any of her PRIVATE BUSINESS on a GOSSIP website! That is SO not your place &, like Sheree, you should be TOTALLY IGNORING these type of sterios! They are for ENTERTAINMENT alone & not to be taken seriously AT ALL! You really have some ISSUES if you’re all over the internet all the time trying to set the story straight about Sheree! Just LET IT GO & don’t trip on what HATERS want to say about her! It’s not worth your time or energy & will only get YOU more upset. Also, if you really are a CHRISTIAN & a GODLY person then you should/would NEVER wish ill will upon ANYONE for silly comments made on a GOSSIP WEBSITE for goodness sake! It’s actually VERY IMMATURE & indicates that YOU need to take a GOOD, LONG LOOK in the mirror at YOURSELF to remember what a true CHRISTIAN WOMAN would want for these commenters. You should want them to learn KINDNESS for others & how to build people up rather than tear them down, etc.! It is not a good look for you to hope people GO TO HELL for writing a negative comment about a REALITY TV STAR on an INTERNET WEBSITE! There are things I like about Sheree & things I don’t like about Sheree but what I do know is that I don’t really KNOW her AT ALL just because she’s on a REALITY TV program. Don’t worry so much about defending her I think she’s probably just fine! Another thing you should realize is that most people don’t make comments about how much they LOVE a star following these sterios if you REALLY checked things out you’d see that most people only comment if they have something NEGATIVE to say. Anyways, those are my observations & my advice peace & love to all <3

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