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Jessica Simpson’s In The Hospital!

jessicasimpson1.jpg is reporting that Jessica Simpson is being treated for a kidney infection at Cedars Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles!

Stop-Loss, Non-Stop Sexy~!


Ok ladies, I don’t know what’s sexier than Channing Tatum and Ryan Phillipe in combat gear, getting dirty. This movie is based around the political ordeal of American soldiers in and out of combat. Given I have not seen the movie yet, you can still bet on it I will first thing tomorrow! With the high respect we should pay our American soldiers, there is something sexy us women have to recognize about these two actors….. and thats having their shirt’s off. I may have to take a nice cold shower after…… twice. Dear Lord.


Osbourne Crazy Train!!!


Mrs. Sharon Osbourne was seen shopping at Barney Of New York with her daughter Aimee Friday. These two seem to fit the fancy of shopping guru’s. From Saks, to Barney’s to god know where else, they love to shoppy shop shop. I would love to live in the lap of luxury, as Sharon does, and shop, eat and play with my million little dogs running around. You gotta hold high respect for Sharon, she has stuck with Ozzy since his career started in music and has been through bloody hell and back. If it wasn’t for her, I’m sure Ozzy would have been a brain-fried wreck from all his “partying” back in the day. Please view video below..

[youtube Yt1OwO5e0t4]

For the latest news, the Osbournes have finally given up on selling their Malibu house. After nearly two years and 3 million in price cuts, they have decided to rent it out. Their infamous reality show house was sold in May (2 years of listing) to dirty hot pants Christina Aguilera (I still love her and that ridiculously amazing voice). So…… what’s next in the reality show agenda world? Hopefully nothing in the crazy train Osbourne world!

Usher Flys The Bird!


Usher spent yesterday giving the Bird to some local photogs after shopping at Barney Of New York! Usher laughed it off and gave the photogs an appropriate waive afterward!

Dancing With The Stars To Posing Naked


[youtube PavJNR8jstE]

Ms. Shannon was seen leaving a dance studio in beverly hills yesterday after training for “Dancing with the stars”. This tv vixen, gone poker professional, has come along way from American Pie days. You could say she has definetly switched gears…… atleast that’s what we think. From jumping from poker circuit to Dancing with the Stars, this little lady has been quite the busy body. She currently has four World Series of Poker event cashes to her name now, and placed third in the 2007 NBC National Heads-Up Poker Championship. Whats more impressive than a women who’s got hot legs and ass….. wait I meant beauty and brains. Getting chosen as contestant on Dancing with the Stars, is helping her career in a good way, not like gold digger Heather Mills and her fake ass leg. Sorry, not making fun of the leg situation, I just can bear watching that pathetic troll on the tube. As for all of her recent extracuricular projects, Shannon is an animal supporter and started a charity helping them called animal avengers. What’s next….. hmmm the buzz is Shannon may consider posing nude for PETA…. check it out~

Playmate Iliana Fischer’s Fun In The Sun!


Playboy model and actress Iliana Fischer spent the day frolicking in the Malibu sun this week with her tea cup chihuahua “Mini!” If you like Iliana’s chihuahua then you’ll probably love her new music album “Caliente” too!


Ania Migdal and Nick D’Anna. Blah


 Wait who  is that……Ania Migdal and Nick D’Anna from the tv show “Sunset Tan”!!! They went shopping on Robertson blvd in beverly hills Monday. Just when I thought the show was beyond pathetic, they have to stop for a kiss infront of the photogs. WOW ….. how desperato is that. When people have to succomb to film reality tv around a tanning salon (how lame), you have to stop and ask yourself what this world is coming to.



Richie Sambora Arrested For DUI While Daughter Was In The Car!


US Magazine is reporting that Richie Sambora was arrested in Laguna Beach last night while driving with his 10 year old daughter Ava!

“There were three females in the car, two of them were juveniles,” Laguna Beach Sgt. Jason Kravetz tells Us. Kravetz says Sambora, 48, was stopped at around 10:52 p.m. Tuesday for swerving on the road in Laguna Beach, California. His breath smelled of alcohol, Kravetz says.Kravetz says Sambora conducted “a series of sobriety tests” at the side of the Pacific Coast Highway. “The officer formed the opinion that Mr. Sambora had been operating his vehicle under the influence of alcohol,” Kravetz says. Kravetz says the results of Sambora’s blood tests will be revealed in about a week. The Bon Jovi guitarist was released from jail at 4 a.m. He will appear in court May 7.

The Daily Puke!


Ashley Tisdales’s second nose!(Geno’s World)

Alicia Keys does Cosmo!(Celebrity Dirty Laundry)

Britney Spears is good for ratings!(CelebWarship)

Heidi Montag’s new music!(Notorious)

Lauren Conrad’s new fashion line!(NewsToob)

Katie Holmes collapsed!(Farandulista)

Jamie Spears engaged!(Right Tv)

A I’s David Ford!(Seriously OMG WTF)

Kate Bosworth does Letterman!(CelebritySmack)

Paris Hilton’s Facebook pics leaked!(PopOnThePop)

Priscilla’s Face Gone Wild

[youtube g7PLJLRWJDg]

Ok where do we start with this one?? Another Hollywood surgery tragedy makeover. Just when we thought it couldn’t get any worse with the so-called miracle injections, Priscilla Presley gets stuck with a phony cosmetic doc that ends up making her look like her face hit a wind tunnel. If you haven’t noticed the dramatically different facial features she has on Dancing with the Stars, you should go check it out… if anything for mere amusement. This botched job can be accredited to Dr. Daniel Serrano (aka Dr. Jiffy Lube), who worked on Priscilla around 2003. Slimeball Serrano (originally from Argentina) hooked into Hollywood’s social A-list and started giving them what he claimed were miracle injections that worked better than Botox.

To make a long story short Dr. Jiffy Lube was indicted by the Feds for smuggling drugs, and use of unapproved drugs. This loser was injecting women with industrial, low grade silicone, which is used to lubricate auto parts. This in turn, causes very serious side effects, not to mention crazy ass deformity. If this guy doesn’t get deported, he is going to have a very serious group of female Hollywood plastics hunting him down. Ruuuuuun for your life!~ is an online celebrity gossip blog with up to date celebrity news, gossip, and exclusive candid pictures of Hollywood's hottest celebrities.
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