Actor Heath Ledger Has Died!


Actor Heath Ledger, 28, was found dead today in his Manhattan apartment, according to CNN. is reporting that it was a drug overdose, but there are no confirmation on that yet.

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  • aaa says:

    i luv u heath ledger i will always miss u

  • sMuRf says:

    wow thats crazy jus the other day i was watching 10 things i hate about you and like a week before he died i was watching a knight’s tale it’s jus crazy to think about now…. he was one of my favorite actors and to hear about his death is jus a shock and i want to say tell the family sorry for their lost and don’t worry cuz he’ll always be looking down on u guys

  • Eva says:

    He was young and extraordinarily talented. This charming man had his whole life ahead of him. It’s very sad when someone with so much potential is crushed under the weight of their own fame. I’ve heard that he was experimenting with method acting and The Joker in Dark Knight is an extremely difficult character to immerse yourself in. He was one of the most evil, and truly mad characters in comic book history. I suggest reading the Dark Knight comics, if you want to see the twisted thoughts and hatred that Ledger needed to emulate for this role. I wouldn’t doubt if it were interfering with his sleep and general well-being. His death almost makes me unwilling to watch the movie, but I believe, as an artist, he would want everyone to see it.
    R.I.P Heath Ledger

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