The Daily Puke!


Patrick Dempsey for Versace!(Poponthepop)

Jennifer Love Hewitt booty talk!(Celebwarship)

Guess what Meg Fox likes!(Geno’sWorld)

Top ten black dresses!(NewsToob)

The Two Coreys are coming back!(SeriouslyOMGWTF)

Henry Rollins likes being a loner!(CelebritySmack)

Top ten movies of 2007!(CC2K)

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  • Boy’s must be raised by both parents.
    Or the best thing for the kids when mum and dad are divorced is:
    The boy’s MUST be raised by dad and the girls by mum.
    Otherwise most of the boy’s become FAGGOTS and most girls lesbian-who I love!!

  • Roach says:

    I feel bad for Britney and her Sisater now. Why would her sister want to live with her since she just got out of rehab and stuff I mean she lost both of her kids so it dont look good for jamie to be living with her now. But i guess thats up to them and they will just have to find out the hard way and if you ask me its called BIRTH CONTROL or abbstance so there is no excuse how she got pregnat none at all. Just saying folks

  • cyncity says:

    gerard your clearly a dumb ass. I raised my son alone and he is far from gay. My bro was raised by me and his mother no guy and he is now married to a woman very much a man so your theory is flawed. And besides even if they did “turn out” gay that’s fine but it doesn’t take a boy being rasied by his mother to do this. Trust me with all the dead beat father’s in the world if this were true there would be a lot more gay men out there

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