Katie Holmes Finally Gets To Wear Her Bright Red High Heels!


Wow Katie Holmes looks more like Jackie Onassis than the little girl from Dawson’s Creek! Katie went Christmas shopping at Maxfield yesterday. I wonder what she’s carrying in those big O’ skirt pockets?

Photo:CelebrityPuke.com/London Entertainment/Splashnews

11 Responses to “Katie Holmes Finally Gets To Wear Her Bright Red High Heels!”

  • Numnuts says:

    Beautiful woman, too bad she’s got no brains, I mean, why would she be with a nutcase like Tom Cruise if she had brains?

  • Petite says:

    *rolling my eyes*
    WTF is up with that red suitcase she’s got?!?! Look how off balanced she is, leaning to the side- what’s in that thing?!?! And that loooong necklace- how very old-lady like of her to wear that. She is dressed like a business woman, yet she’s NOT a business woman.

    Looks like I have nothing good to say about this loser, as usual.

  • gerard Vandenberg says:

    Better late than never!! I think this blackmale-suff about telling the press about his gayness helped alot. You know the next step: GET RID OF THE EGO-TRIPPER-FAGGOT-scientology-WHORE AND LIVE AGAIN!!
    btw: you’re still very young, you know.

  • klark kent says:

    She’s a very pretty woman and I bet a great mom. Thing is, she has a egomaniac gay sex freak for a husband.

    Guess she has a lot in common with MY wife! LOL!

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  • Sam says:

    I love her look. She and Reese Witherspoon look like they’d be good moms. They always have their kids with them, their kids are dressed well, they look happy and healthy. And the moms always look classy and stay out of the bars and actually take some real responsibility for their lives. Compared to skanks like Britney Spears anybody looks good though. It’s sad to be so blessed with that kind of money, the good somebody like Britney could be doing, and she throws her life away. Everything is a joke to her. I don’t feel sorry for her when there’s normal moms in this world who work 24-7 to support their kids and spend every minute doting after them. I don’t get the world’s facination with the girl.

  • shelly says:

    She needs to stop thinking she’s Jackie Kennedy.

  • Zee says:

    What’s up with those dirty Knees??? Is she secretly a slave at home scrubbing floors? or is there something else shes doing on her knees at home? Hmmmmm…

  • they’ve got her looking exactly the way they want her to…

  • Theresa says:

    Where did she get the shoes? I love them! Where can I get them?

  • lili says:

    SHE used to be much happier than now

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