The Daily Puke!


Gwen Stefani!( PlanetHiltron)

John Edward’s love child!(CelebrityCowboy)

Christina Aguilera’s still pregnant!(Celebwarship)

Ashley Tisdale’s new sniffer!(Notorious)

G.I. Joe casting news!(Geno’sWorld)

Lindsay Lohan’s new friend!(Celebitchy)

Amy Wino is a mucking fess!(CelebritySmack)

The Hobbits are coming back!(CC2k)

The Spices Girls & their kids!(SeriouslyOMGWTF)

Moses the Lohan!(RightCelebrity)

Dave Grohl doesn’t listen to Nirvana (StarPulse)

Tara Reid is all skin & Bones!(PoponthePop)

Jennifer Love Hewitt’s real size!(Celebridiot)

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