Jamie Lynn Spears Pregnant Belly Pics Wanted!



According to OK.Magazine, 16 yr. old Jaime Lynn Spears is PREGNANT with boyfriend Casey Aldridge’s child. The “Zoey 101” star and little sister to Ms. Britney Spears wants to keep her child. Apparently Britney doesn’t know yet, so somebody hide the clippers!

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  • Scotty says:

    Britney has reportedly suggested momma spears not to allow Jamie to live independently.

  • Sophie says:

    i cannot believe she is pregnant! Jamie, have the baby but PLEASE dont take after your sister, sorry to have to say that but you are both beautiful and we never thought Britney would turn out the way she has so please dont follow in her footsteps!

  • Jimmie says:

    Is anyone surprised? White trash never learns. So sad, yet too funny.

  • Kimberly says:

    OMG! WOW! I can’t believe it, Jamie is Pregnant, but I think jamie would be a good mother because She might have responsibilty for herself I really think she can take care of her own child just like britney, Britney is a good mother because she loves her chidren and she was there for them, britany is okay she was just going though some issue problems between herself and kevin, I see where britany was coming from; Anyway, CONGRADULATIONS JAMIE!!! I hope it’s a Girl!!
    From your fan.

  • Anytime you see a 16 year old house hunting/apartment hunting with her boyfriend you have to figure that they are sleeping together and accidents do happen

  • D Little says:

    I wonder if she is doing all this to take some spot light off of her sister.

  • Kutluss2000 says:

    I am sooooooo shocked that Jamie Lynn is preggers cuz i thought she was smarter than her sister. I like Jamie and still do, but accidents do happen.

  • Angela, New York says:

    How can anyone judge her for being pregnate at 16? How can you say she’s trailer trash, or a slut, or she’s as fucked up as her sister? Do any of you personally know anyone from the Spears family? I thought not. How is she a slut when she might have only ever slept with that one guy? Look up the definition. When did you loose your virginity? Is it just because she’s pregnate that she’s a slut and trailor trash?

    The comments above are just a few of examples of how people love to judge others before they judge themselves. You’re always looking for someone else to put blame on or judge or anything at all. I think Jamie Spears can still be a great role modle to younge girls in the sence that she is taking responsability for her actions and owning up to the life inside of her.

    To Jamie, I bet you will be an amazing mother. Don’t listen to all the negative comments, just keep your head held high becasuse you have nothing to be ashamed of.

  • Angela says:

    How can anyone judge her for being pregnate at 16? How can you say she’s trailer trash, or a slut, or she’s as fucked up as her sister? Do any of you personally know anyone from the Spears family? I thought not. How is she a slut when she might have only ever slept with that one guy? Look up the definition. When did you loose your virginity? Is it just because she’s pregnate that she’s a slut and trailor trash?

    The comments above are just a few of examples of how people love to judge others before they judge themselves. You’re always looking for someone else to put blame on or judge or anything at all. I think Jamie Spears can still be a great role modle to younge girls in the sence that she is taking responsability for her actions and owning up to the life inside of her.

    To Jamie, I bet you will be an amazing mother. Don’t listen to all the negative comments, just keep your head held high becasuse you have nothing to be ashamed of.

  • C says:

    Regardless of whether we know the Spears or not….the problem is that they just have no self control…and no friggin morals….sorry! it all starts at home…

  • Anonymous says:

    I couldnt believe jamie is pregnant but i think she will make a great mom

  • anonymous says:

    i can not believe that she is pregnant. what a skank! you live with your ninteen year old boyfriend and then decide to be stupid and get pregnant! what were you thinking?! you are suppose to be a role model! well, your doing a great job! no really! who ever thinks as jamie asa good role model might as well go screw around with random guy! have fun!!!

  • Anonymous says:

    wow how old are you again?? 16?? wow you fing slute! i thought you were going to be the good spears what the hell happened!! wow i looked up to you so should i go and sleep with my boyfriend too?? wow thats sad i so dont look up to u anymore u slute

  • Anonymous says:

    wow so basicly ur bf can go to jail
    good luck with tht ghahahahahahhrfshrfeahreKAHRipoa

  • Anonymous says:

    what r all u people thinkin? leave her alone! please! leave her alone! all u people want is more,more,more! she’s doin the best she can! leave her alone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kiki says:

    sounds to me like stupid and whore run in this family…I mean it’s not like she couldn’t afford birth control. You can take the girl out of the trailor park…

  • caridee says:

    any way you beat around the bush it doesn’t matter who you are but if you are 16 and have a sex life your a slut. if you get pregnate and you’re 16 then you are a stupid slut.

  • brandon says:

    yo shes gross

  • brandon says:

    yo shes mad hott id tap that when shes pregnant holllaaaaa

  • Ex fan says:

    I cant… Wow! Jamie u can tell ne1 2 wait 4 the wedding night but thats like telling a dead dog not 2 cross the street! 2 late the dog is gone! It made me sad wen i found out and yha she might makd a good mom but it hurts me 2 c her give up her child hood b/c she wanted 2 have sex! I still have my 1st kiss and im 15 my mom tells me that i could always b like them but they can never b like me! I think that she made a really bad choice! And i was a big fan of her show! Good luck jamie! Id hate 2 b u!

  • Ashley says:

    omg! People, she’s a 16 yeasr old! Can you people literaly say truthfully that you never thoguht of having sex as a teenager! A bunch of teenagers have sex all the time! Just becuase she happens to be a celebrity doesant mean that she’s the only teenageer that has sex. More then half probably do! Now, I don’t exactly agree with her getting pregnant, i’m shocked in fact. But your treating it like its her fault. Sure, they could’ve used a condom, or birth control, but condom’s break and birth control is only 98% acurate!

    They could’ve NOT had sex as well, and maybe in that aspect they made a mistake. But her, and her boyfriend for that matter(if in fact over age) are still teenagers. I’m sorry for being rude or mean to people, but acting like a stuck up B**** isn’t going to make it better.


    P.S.- To all thoughs people taking pictures of celebs:

    I love seeing the pictures of celebrities, but taking pictures of people without permisson is illigal!

  • DntBjEaLuss says:

    EVERYONE knows atleast one young person that has gotten pregnant. LOOK AROUND YOU PEOPLE. babies having babies. thats the “normal” thing in our society today. You dont need to blame her parents or the network- thats ignorance. instead what we should do is back off. let her have this child with out all the press. thousands of 16 year olds have gotten pregnant and had there baby but THAT isnt in the news. Putting her in all of these magazines and blogs.. what is that doing? supporting her. the more people that google her, or watch her shows is doing nothing but making her more famous. If you didnt like her before she got pregnant then you have no right to say all this bs about her. GET A LIFE PEOPLE. let her have the baby in peace. with out all of the BS that is already surrounding her.

  • Anonymous says:

    I think she will realize she made a mistake after having this child. She is still in high school. It is alot of work to have a child. I just dont think she knows what she is getting into and how it will effect her life.

  • Anon says:

    Taking pictures of celebrities is NOT illegal. If it was the paparazzi wouldnt exist idiot.

  • Tracey says:

    People make mistakes!!
    Im sure all of you have made many and know people that have!!

  • anonymous says:

    this girl Krista got pregnant at 15 and had already been with several guys, and had an abortion…instead of taking responsibility for her stupid actions, GOD DOES NOT MAKE MISTAKES, PEOPLE DO….god gave her that baby for a reason and she killed it, at least jamie has sense enough to take care of the life living inside of her and let it have a chance to live.

  • tracey says:

    yall are messed up!
    Jamie made a mistake!!
    MANY PEOPLE DO!!! and im sure yall have to!

  • anonymous says:

    get off your freaking soap boxes most girls that find themself in that position at that age just abort their fetuses and act like nothing ever happened….well guess what people…..thats not something that can be undone even if you have an abortion…..thats a “MISTAKE” that stays with you for the rest of your life….it’s no one elses business…Im sure shes already scared and hurt enough without you &%#$’s adding to it…how would you like it…if someone plastered your mistakes all over the t.v. and internet? Im sure you would want to crawl up and die, thats probably how all of you are making her feel, at least shes being an adult about it and realizes that if she can lay down and make ‘em she should be grown up enough to take care of them…at least shes having her baby, and giving it a chance to live, instead of killing it, its not the babies fault it never is. Now seriously back off her, let her live her life in this difficult, and sensitive situitation, maybe you dont know this..but this all is going to cause stress on her if she reads or hears about it, and stress can cause miscarriages, dont cause her to miscarry please.

  • Billy Bob says:

    another one bites the dust!!

  • hottie says:

    OMG! i cant believe it JAMIE LYN SPEARS having a baby im so proud of u even if u are 16.
    even if u have a baby and ur only 16 im still ur # 1 fan and i still love u as an actress. well i hope ur baby is goin to be an actress like u and has the same beauty and courage like u

  • BTANG says:

    Okay, I believe what she did was dissapointing, but if she is taking responsibility, then she’s at least she’s trying. Just, don’t be like Britney and treat the baby like shit. She would probably be a good mother. Teenagers do crazy shit once in a while, but maybe this was a little far. Don’t call her a slut, this was probably her first time. The only thing I don’t get about this, is that she’s going out with a 19 year old. That is just fucked…

  • hottie says:

    OMG! i wish u didnt cancel ur show i wanted him to tell u that he liked u
    but u didnt give him a chance it was always a pause well ill give u a chance to have ur baby ur still a good actress i hope u have ur baby and then put the show back on!

  • Shannon says:

    Just cuz she pregnant does not mean anything really and it does not mean she is going to be just like her sister or maybe she wants too but you don’t know that so really YOU should not be saying anything and she is going to try to keep it and have it live and raze it thats a big step to but lest she has the guts to go out and tell everyone and keep it alive. So what if she is 16 I know it’s wrong and I don’t agree with it but whatever it’s her oppenon. There is so much younger kids that are getting pregnant like 13 or whatever yeah thats true and she has people to help her. I mean she didn’t make a good chosie to have it but It’s her chosies and she is not younger so you know she did make good chosies with stuff like not killing it, telling poeple and things like that. People should still look up to her, if they want and still like her I’m sure alot of poeple that are reading this have kids and there younger than her so really whats your point it’s her life and not like she planed that everyone does that and you know that and she is 16 what do you exspect my friend was 13 and now she is 14 so what and there is a girl at my school and she is in 7th grade and prenant, I know that it wrong but thats her and there choises not ours. If someone gets pregnant thats not over the news and I know there not famous but who cares the the same as us idiots so whats you point and don’t really see where your going with this really just to runen there life or what you would hate it to if it was all over and you now that! No she is not trying to take spot light from her sister she gets alot too so there, it was completey an accdened whuch everyone does don’t say you don’t! If you give her straies than maybe she might and up like her sister but probley not and her sister is not bad she had stuff going threw her mind and people have done way wrose that was just BIG cuz she is famous so what you poeple are jerks I’m going to laugh whan all that happends to YOU!! There both smart girls I don’t care what people think everyone does it so whatever and there still the same as us!! I like Britney’s s new songs and so do my friends there not bad just cuz what she did your not going to like ethier one of them and your embarrested well I’m not I say it to people and I have Briteny’s songs on my Ipod and I like Jamie’s show it should contenue! Don’t lesin to what rude, mean, stuiped people say and poporoutse just keep going and don’t care what people say think like they never said anything thats what I’ll do. good luck!

    From your STILL fan,

  • none says:

    i think it is so stupid, my tween daughter watches her show! am i going to have to keep extra watch on her as of now she might follow in the footsteps of her idol? this is extremely disgusting news. i will not have my daughter watch her show, she is 16 have some sense and protection you old hag bitch!!!! i do not support them they are white trash!!!
    and have no lives and need attention what assholes.

  • none says:

    gross gross gross. how can people be so supportive of her? come on this is so not nice. people say oh yeah ill still be #1 fan. please dont look up to this girl or you will get in trouble!!! dont drink or do drugs! stay in school and fuck the drunks!!!!!

  • Mom says:

    I am in shock. I would have hoped she would have learned by watching her sister what NOT to do. I hope she does not continue on the Zoey show. I feel this sets a bad example for younger girls that look up to her.

  • I’m so sick of the Spears sisters, I even made a t shirt to express my outrage!

  • OMG!!!! says:

    i really cant belive she is pregnant but still she is being women enough and taking responsibility 4 her actions….i give Props to dat.
    i noe it was wrong and messed up of her to do but still you cant hate her everyone makes bad choices…..i sure have …maybe not this extream but we all still make mistakes…Everyone isn’t perfect and i still think she is a good role modle cuz NO one…And when i mean NO one is perfect there is an example right there…. she made a stupid mistake…whippy doodah…it happens ….life goes on….and i noe ppl will talk neggaitive shit but 4 alll those ppl they need to noe that No One is perfect and if they think that then somthin is wrong with dem…I STILL LOVE HER AND I AM HAPPY THAT SHE IS GIVING THAT BABY A CHANCE AT LIFE….jus leave her alone and get a life….EVERYONE MAKES DUMB CHOICES….REMEMEBER DAT
    peace out….

  • katrina says:

    wow…all of you who are supporting this sixteen yr old slut are out of yur mind. THINK ABOUT IT. SHES SIXTEEN HAVING A BABY. not only that, but she is a role model for young girls! wat she is teaching is that its okay to have sex and get pregnant. just because shes a celebrity, doesnt give her any advantage to get off the hook. the bottom line is.. shes an irresponsible slut.

  • Nickole says:

    I don’t understand why everyone is all over her for this! Sure, that was a bad decision on her part. But it’s her life and the only reason that anyone cares is because she’s a celebrity. If she was a normal person, no one would even be concerned. She shouldn’t be grouped with her sister because they are two very different people! No one here knows them personally I’d assume, so what goes on in their lives is their business, even if they are celebrity. At least she is taking responsibility and admitting her mistakes. And btw, anyone here who called her a slut or a whore, ought to look it up online. A SLUT is someone who sleeps around with many people, usually more than once. It is certain that she did this with her boyfriend so she doesn’t fit under that category does she??? So let her live her life the way she wants to! Good luck Jamie!

  • Judgemental says:

    It’s interesting to me, to see people say such harsh things about someone. When the child at your little girls school gets pregnant do you tell her to her face that she’s a slut, or she’s white trash. When you lost your virginity at 15 or 16 did you expect people to say you were nasty or that you couldnt be a good role model anymore. It’s crazy to me that people can be so judgemental of someone they DO NOT know. I dont have a problem with her being pregnant. She has been with the boy for a long time and for all we know, she could have only slept with him. I dont think being in a monogomus relationship, makes you a slut. I would think rather that sleeping with alot of people, and not getting pregant becuase you use a condom or becuase your on some form of birth control makes you a slut.

  • Nickole says:

    Oh and to the person who made the “Spay the Spears Sisters” t-shirts: GET A LIFE! Quit trying to make other people’s lives worse just because your’s is pathetic. Why
    else would you be spending time making derogatory t-shirts about people you don’t even know?

  • beth says:

    jamie you a are a very good person and like everyone says because you get pregnant that young your not a slut my cousin ashlee got pregnant at 15 and shes not a slut good luck you would be a good mommy to that baby and if u had that boy friend 4 a while and if you did want to get pregnant so what you will be a good momand i dont see how its anyones buisness ppl are different and maybe they just want someone too love and care 4 that young and im so happy 4 you i dont care wat they say your not a whore or a slut u rock and you will be a good/excellent mom

  • Gina says:

    Jamie!!! Why would you do this!
    You aren’t even married!
    I’m so mad and sad!
    I thought you were a good influence!
    If you follow your sister’s steps, i’m never gonna watch Zoey 101 AGAIN!
    And your only 16!
    Thanks alot Jamie….

  • beth says:

    ps random stuff like that happens roo everyone it was a mistake we all make mistakes and u will be a good mom just like ur sister britney who loves her kids and takes good care f them britney got pregnant that doesnt make her a slut does it i dont think so u need 2 get a life and stop trying 2 ruin britneys and jamies because of there babies it could ve been worse she couldve got pregnant at 13 and she couldve died because most ppl could die at that age going into childbirth i wish u the best 4 your family britney and jamie i love zoey 101 too

  • Gina says:

    I’m sorry Jamie!
    I tohught you were a REALLLLLLLLLY GOOD person!
    How are you gonna do Zoey 101, you can’t quit.
    I mean you can but i dont want you too.
    I think you’re an awsome person, but i thought u would never do this.
    I was accualy cring when i heard that you are pregnant!…

  • Jaynie says:

    errr. ok. for 1, why is everyone saying that she’s a slut cos she’s had sex at 16 etc… most teenagers have sex at 16 or before. in fact most loose their virginity 16 and before rather than 16 and after. and it’s not like she planned to get pregnant!
    also, she’s got pregnant with her long term boyfriend – at least it wasn’t with some guy who she’d known all of 2 weeks or something! then you could call her a slut…

    don’t get me wrong, im not supporting her, in fact i think she should have been more careful in the first place and should think more about keeping the baby. but whatever she decides itll change her life…

  • Kiit *kaatt says:

    Listen, all of you people that are putting the Spears family down need to quit. I am quite sure half of you who are calling her “white trash” or “slut & whore” are ten times worse than her. GIVE THE GIRL A BREAK! Yes she screwed up, who doesnt….Her sister screwed up a little more, again who doesnt. I mean at least she is dealing with this like a responsible person and not getting rid of it. I mean just leave her alone!

    Jamie, I am still your fan no matter what ANYONE has to say!

  • JAMIE ROCKS says:

    jamie from the first time i saw u i had a thing for U i still do” what sixteen year old boy doesnt”. If u are pergnant congrats and good luck. And all your fans that are mad arnt never were your fans or they wouldnt be mad. Ill always be your bigest fan;-D. YOU ROCK SO HARD JAMIE.

  • ashley says:

    for all you who are saying that you or you know people who have had sex before they were sixteen…there is a word for that. SLUT. even though it doesnt say it in the dictionary, we use this word for anyone who engages in a sexual act before they are atleast 17. So, jamie, you are a slut. And soon, she will be recruiting many sluts (fans who follow her footsteps and think it is okay to get pregnant at that age)! Good luck to all the mothers (mothers who are over 20 yrs old) who will try to cope with this.

  • tyler says:

    I don’t think every one should be making a big ordeal about it Cu’s there are thousands of young girls out thayer that get pregnant and have children at a young age and they sure don’t put every 16 year old girl on TV and make a big deal about it so I think every one should just leave her alone DAMM I think shes old enough to make her own dissigens. if she wants to have a kid thats her own dissigen and every one should just leave her alone?

  • someone says:

    jamie lyn spears is a retard why the hell would you want to get pregnant at 16 shes ruining her child hood dont stand up for her it was her bad choice!

  • Jay says:


  • ~CHOBBIE~ says:

    OMG i cant belive she got pregnant i cant call her a slut just cuz there are alot of teenz rite now doing the same shit but hey i saw dis coming i told many ppl Jamie Lynn spears is goin 2 end up just like big sis Like i say once a hoe alwyz a hoe it runz in da fam lolz

  • fizzle says:

    jamie is soo stupid. i thought she wasnt gonna be like her horriable sister.I think shell be a bad mother since shes sooo young.and i think all the spears r CARZY FREAKS!!!!

  • 1122 says:


  • Tiffany says:

    forget all of yall, I LOVE BRITNEY AND JAMIE. This happens to normal people everyday. Just because they are famous they get put in the spotlight for it.

  • 1122 says:


  • 1122 says:

    exactly TIFFANY! thats why they SHOULDNT be doing this. they are role models for so many people across the globe. they are IDIOTS

  • zero123 says:

    what a shame!!! she is a bitch!

  • princessa de Alberto14 says:

    why in the hell are all the disney stars slowly becoming messed up…like the vanessa girl, and now Zoey…i mean come on!!! All of you guys are beautiful people and there is no pointin maing yourself seem so low. And the baby is not a mistake…they never are…it was just an act that was not well thought out.. I hope Jamie will be ahppy=D

  • josh says:

    Just heard about this crap. Its to bad that the younger spears slut can’t keep her legs closed. it just shows how stupid the spears family is……i feel sorry for any kid that is born into that family. just goes to show you that the young will follow the older siblings..someone should of told jamie NOT to go breeding like britney but all well shit happens i guess.

  • XOXOXluvXOXOX says:

    i watch that sho every Sun n now is liek ewwwwww becuz she made such bad choice… i was always like man i hope she dont turn outlike her sista but i guess not.
    n den she is sooooo talented n she juss made a bad mistake now say her bf leaves who will b there 2 help…?? Cuz they r’ent married so he can leave. She should have waited

  • Yte says:

    I think its wrong to have a bay so young and I did not even expect it from one of my Nick fans. That just proves you may look good ans sweet but your not once in a while. For Jamie PLEASE don’t end up like your sister.For Britney why don’t you try to start over and do better than what you did. Try not to make the same mistake over and over again. Also Britney Th e more mistakes you make the more you learn but disapontment.

  • Baby lover also none as (Yte) says:

    Think about what I wrote. Don’t walk in front of me I may not follow, don’t walk behide me I may I may not lead, just walk beside me and be my friend.

  • shelley says:

    i definetly agree with angela from new york
    no matter what mistakes people make, you have to think about what you would be saying if this was your friend or some girl at school
    just because people may have opinions about her family does not mean that we can make assumptions
    just because she is famous does not mean that she does not have feelings and that this is easy for her
    please dont make it harder for her by saying horrible things about her or her family
    if you say it was a stupid descision for her to bring up a baby within such an environment, youre a hypocrite – the reason that this family has problems in the first place is because of how hard it is to be scrutinized by the public.
    they are real people, and they are probably even more vulnerable than everyday people who go through the same kinds of issues

    jaime, i hope that you make good descisions for yourself and your family (including your unborn child). dont let this negativity cloud your judgement, because succumbing to it will only make your life harder

  • Baby lover also none as (Yte) says:

    I hope you can read my first comment I made a few mistakes. 1.baby 2.and 3.the 4disapoint yourself those are what my mistakes were.

  • Baby lover also none as (Yte) says:

    hey shelley Do you agree with me I mean Don’t you think what I said was right.

  • Baby lover also none as (Yte) says:

    Hey Shelby I agree with you. Just because her sister is famous does not mean they should talk about Britney.If Britney was not famous they would not even really be so shocked they would just treat her like every other star. If you agree with me type 4678.

  • Baby mama says:

    Hey baby lover I totally agree with you soooooo 4678.

  • angie says:

    i hope is a girl and omg your prengent

  • Baby lover also none as (Yte) says:

    Thanks its nice to have some support. Even if its not a chat room.

  • Baby lover also none as (Yte) says:

    You are totaly welcome and I’m startin to fell like its a chat room too. Matter of fact I’m goanna go to one to see if I can find some CUTE BOYS!

  • bvdhgjnk says:



  • amy rimes says:

    big mistake

  • jacob says:

    It was a big shock.. but i mean you can only make the best of it.. She knows it was a mistake.. but you have to deal with the situtation…

    best wishes..


  • tubaba says:


  • Anonymous says:

    my boyfriend just told me on msn that she was pregnant and i was so shocked i’m like we are waiting till marriage buddy no prematial sex

  • josh says:

    jamie spears is just like her sister……a fat assed slutn’ whore……

  • Anonymous says:

    I cant believe it!! but i still don’t get why you people make it harder for her…
    have any of you taken a look around you? yeah…she’s a celebrity and everything but how many 13 year old girls are pregnant?
    does having sex make her a slut…i don’t think so!!
    what if you were the one pregnant? would you want people calling you a slut, whore, white trash…
    Is her life and she can do whatever she wants to do..
    Who knows maybe she’ll be a great mom
    I myself still am a teenager only 14, a virgin, and i know someone who had a baby at 15, people thought that she was going to be the worst mother ever, and yet she seems to prove them wrong
    So think about what you’re saying, because maybe it’ll be you or your daughter or your son getting someone or themselves pregnant

  • anonymous says:

    my bro is 21 && his g/f is 17 && they already have two kids. one is 2 && the other is 3 months && i dont think she is a slut.yea i think she could of kept her legs closed but still. i am 16 and i lost my verginity @ 15 && i aint a slut. your doing good just dont get your kid tooking away that would hurt you so bad

  • Heidi says:

    Cant wait to see your baby on u tube.com

  • concerned says:

    ok, whoever is supporting this young “teenage role model” must not have any kids. how is she going to be on the disney channel, and have all these young fans that look up to her, and want to be just like her, and go and get pregnant? yes we’re all in here business, beacause it is our business… it becomes our business when our children are idolizing her. if she didn’t want ppl in her business than why be in the spotlight? getting pregnant at 16 doesn’t make her a slut, but it does make her a major dissapointment! if you support this just because someone in your family or someone you know got pregnant as a teen, you need to realize that they weren’t famous, and weren’t looked up to by millions. this girl definitely messed up. as a mother i understand that if a teen wants to do something, they’re going to do it, but please parents don’t make it easier for them to just do what they want…give those teens a hard time, set some rules, be a parent not just a friend!

  • hicktown says:

    Well teenagers make mistakes, I have 2 teen daughters myself and ya you try to raise them right, teach them right, make them mind BUT kids do have a stubborn mind of their own!
    I hope Jamie does keep her head on and prove all these jackasses on here wrong, it is hard to be a young parent but it can be done.
    I was a young single mom, I had a BF of almost 4 years when I got pregnant, and he was SOO happy, ya whatever, didn’t keep him from cheating on me right after I had her, so that was the end of that! I was alone with a baby at barely 21.
    I decided I was gonna have a good life for me and my daughter so I started college when she had just turned one, and luckily I married a wonderful man finished college and had another daughter right after…so If you work hard and work hard at being a good parent it’s possible. Although it’s harder for teens it still can be done, it’s just not an easy route, of course it helps that Jamie has plenty of money :)
    I wouldn’t want one of my girls to have to go thru this, but teens and parents need to take responsibility and get on birthcontrol!!!! it’s not that hard to do and now Wal-Mart has the generic pills on the $9 list…. $9 a month to avoid alot of heartache and possible health problem… be responsible girls is all I’m saying!!!

  • WHY says:

    I think she is a big slut who probably slept with cast members on the set of zoe 101 and it finally came back to the skank. hope she enjoys all the spotlight and she can forget about nick cuz her fans are so young they dont even know where babies come from.

  • Anonymous says:

    she will enjoy havin the new baby around. she seems alot smarter than her sis. mistakes happen, that doesnt make you a skank just cause you sleep with one person and make a mistake. half of you people are just jelous cause your all losers so you have to talk bad about people to make yourself feel better. anyway, congrats

  • gerard Vandenberg says:

    If your big sister britney tells you what to do and so tries to be a role-model for her little sister…………well it’s better to give owen “PINOKKIO” wilson a call to if he will join you by committing suicide right away!!

  • Leighsa says:

    I am 20 years old now but at the time I was 16 years old when I had my daughter and I can honstly say that jamie Lynn has a hard road to hoe but she can really do it if she wants to.As for all of you people who are saying she’s a slut and this and that are some true haters. Im sure she relized that she has made a mistake but im sure she wouldnt change it for the world. Dont worrie about it Jamie I got your back girl.

  • nikki says:

    i can not belive you are sixteen and have already did it with a man

  • Heather says:

    You people are unbelievable!! I bet more than half of you on here, have already had sex by the time you were 16! Just because she decided to have sex so young does NOT make her a slut, she is human and can make her own choices. So she got pregnant…. BIG DEAL!! She made a choice and has to deal with it! If you were the one that got pregnant so young, would you want everyone to call you a slut and trailor trash? I highly doubt it!! And for all of you who are like “oh my gosh, she is a role model, I can’t believe I looked up to her, or I’m not going to let my daughter watch her shows anymore” GET A LIFE!! Just because you idol Jamie doesn’t mean you have to do what she does! My mom got pregnant at 17 with my brother and there is no way in hell I would ever call her a slut! She is the most amazing person I have ever met and she is a fantastic role model!! I bet there are alot of you out there who’s mom’s got pregnant young, and would you ever call her a slut or trailor trash to her face or behind her back? If you answer yes to that, you are truly a horrible person. Just because Jamie made a choice that you dont agree with, doesnt mean you have the right to sit here and criticize her. She is a beautiful smart girl who is going to make a great mom and will have the support of her true friends and family! I cannot believe that people in this world can sit there and criticize someone that they dont even know. Nobody in this world is perfect and EVERYBODY makes mistakes. So seriously just back off and keep your rude comments to yourself and just show her some support because she has a long and hard road ahead!

    Jamie- if you ever read this, just know that all those people bringing you down, have nothing better to do with there time. Dont listen to what they have to say! Keep your head up, Keep a good attitude, and just know that everything happens for a reason, and you are going to make a GREAT mother! And know that your friends and family will always be there to back you up and help you! I think you are a beautiful girl with a bright future. Just keep making smart choices and you will be fine! Love ya girl :)

  • Nikkei says:

    Most of you are morons. The age of consent in Louisiana is 16, she’s 16 so her boyfriend will not be going to jail. Give her some credit people, while blasting it on a magazine cover probably wasn’t the most quiet way of going about it, at least she seems to be taking responsibility for her actions. I know plenty of “adults” who at age 30 can’t even take responsibility for their actions and kids. It really sucks that she has to go through this so publicly with simpleminded jerks like most of you making comments.

    Get off your high horse and look at your own sad lives before you condemn anyone elses.

  • Lindsay says:

    Jamie is a f***ing slut, you CAN’T deny it. With that older sister as an example, it seems really predictable, but everybody thought that she was smart enough not to be USED for that 19-year-old guy who ‘loves her’. I really think that all he did was take advantage of her. POOR JAMIE LYNN, stupid whore!
    That ‘MISTAKE’ will be with you for all of your life! So watch out.
    And why are you having sex when you are ONLY 16 years old.
    You are a little SLUT and a WHORE!

  • Lindsay says:


  • Heather says:

    Lindsay thats sad! How can you even judge the relationship between her and her boyfriend! Do you know her? Probably not! so back the fuck off and stop calling her a slut! go get a life!

  • Lindsay says:

    Heather: If your mom got pregnant when she was 17, she IS a slut. Only because she’s your mother is not a reason to say that she isn’t.

  • Heather says:

    I know plenty of moms who got pregnant young, and none of them are sluts! obviously you just get pleasure from putting people down, and thats just sad.

  • Lindsay says:

    Do YOU know her either? NOT
    From what I know about her, she SEEMS like a whore. That’s onyl what she’s showing to the world.
    And also, if she’s ‘shocked and scared’ is because she’s NOT ready to have a baby, which means she’s NOT ready to have sex with her boyfriend.

  • Lindsay says:

    Underage moms are unconscious bitches. Just like that.

  • Heather says:

    God, your intelligence shocks me! She is shocked cause she probably wasnt planning it, and she is scared cause its a baby. It wouldn’t matter if she is 16 or 26, if you were having a baby you’d be scared, its only natural. And you are right I dont know her, thats why I am NOT judging her!!

  • Heather says:

    how old are you by the way?

  • Lindsay says:

    I’m 22 years old and PROUD that I’m a virgin and pretending to be it till I marry.
    She wasn’t planning it, so WHY did she have sex with her boyfriend?
    And why would she be scared if she was prepared?
    Idf you’re NOT prepared to have children you should NOT have sex, because that is a consequence if you don’t take care, and as we see: ACCIDENTS HAPPEN.
    How old are you darling?

  • Lindsay says:

    Probably this little girl had a lot of fun having sex with her boyfriend but WAS SHE THINKING OF THE CONSEQUENCES? I don’t think so, either way, she wouldn’t be so shocked and scared.

  • annie says:

    hey u really shoulnt be having sex wit out a condom because thats sort of retarted u are such an idiot anyways i use to like u know i dont bye bye bitch u are a slut now

  • Heather says:

    I’m 19.
    It doesn’t matter if you are prepared or not, having a baby is a scary thing, and not scary in a bad way, its a HUGE commitment.
    She wasn’t planning on getting pregnant, but not everyone has sex just to get pregnant!
    You are right, accidents do happen, so why are you criticizing this girl for getting pregnant?
    And who are we to say when someone should or shouldn’t have sex? Everyone is different and can make there own choices. She made her choice so let her deal with it, she doesnt need the rest of the world telling her she is a horrible person!

  • carol says:

    ofcourse ya’ll wont call urselves sluts if u had sex at a young age. the truth is..ya’ll are sluts if u did that. i uno wut ur parents taught u. itz a shame. itz clear wut kind of value system ya’ll have in ur families..tsk tsk. ya’ll tellinn ur stories bout havin a baby wen ya’ll are 15, 16, 17 with ur head held high. shiiittttt..it aint somthing to b proud of. jus showz wut value system ya got. shame on y’all.

    the spears fam is made up of whores. they need to learn how to keep their legs closed. thatz my final msg.

  • carol says:

    and accidents shouldnt happen when ur a celebrity. u got a lot of fans lookin up to ya.

  • .. says:

    so HEATHER, you think getting pregnant at such a young age is okay even if its an accident? wtf did ur parents teach you?? if i got pregnant, my parents supporting me would b out of the question. they would kick me OUT OF THE HOUSE. i agree with carol..it just goes to show wat ur parents teach u

  • Heather says:

    No, I’m not saying getting pregnant that young is a good thing. But it is something we cant change if it happens, so what she needs is people to support her and help her. I think parents kicking there children out that young for mistakes is wrong because that is obviously when your children need you the most. My parents taught me well! I’m 19 and I’m not pregnant! My parents definately would be disappointed in me, but they would never abandon me!

  • Heather says:

    and Carol why shouldn’t accidents happen if you are a celebrity? you have made it sound like they are gods or something? yeah alot of people look up to them, but they are HUMAN BEINGS just like the rest of us! and EVERYBODY makes mistakes!!

  • ... says:

    i dont like this attitude at all. when ur a celebrity, u need to watch out for all these things. u need to b extra careful. wat jamie did was just wrong. she is a slut. ther is no question about it. this is wat she is teaching all her young fans who still dnt kno wher babies come from. good job jamie..way to go.

  • Kela Gurl says:

    Jamie Spears is pregnant – so what!?!?!?!im not saying it was a good thing to go and have sex at her age and yes it is slutty and its not good teaching her teen fans that having sex is a good thing at her age, but theres heaps of young teens having sex and getting pregnant but jamie just happens to be famous so more people pay attention to that particular pregnancy think what you want but its not realy your job to judge her.

  • Lindsay says:

    If you’re prepared for having a baby, it SHOULDN’T be scary.
    Oh and people are SUPPOSED to have sex to get pregnant, or this girl at least should’ve known that having a baby is a consequence of having sex.
    Accidents happen, that’s why she shouldn’t have sex because if she wasn’t prepared to have a baby, why did she take the risk? Only because she likes it.
    It’s kinda hard for this Sprears girls to keep their legs closed.
    Her choice was a bad choice, and now that poor baby will also suffer the consequences of having a really young and irresponsible mom. This young girl needs to keep her legs closed AND that babies are not dolls, it’s a person with a LIFE.

  • Lindsay says:

    Young pregnancy and underage sex is bad in every single case, but in this one OF COURSE there’s a lot more attention because she is famous, has little kids as fans and a lot of people know about her life!! But EVERY case is something that shouldn’t happen.

  • shortee says:

    GURL WOT WER YOU THINKEN!?!?! ur not kewl!!

  • Heather says:

    ok but it did happen and we can’t change it, so why keep criticizing the poor girl?

  • slut killer says:

    jamie’s gross! at least britney was married before she had her children.

  • Lindsay says:

    So she can think before she has like 4 kids, and realizes what was she doing.
    POOR GIRL? Of course she was having fun having sex with that guy, it was sooooo fun for her that she couldn’t stop till she got pregnant. Interesting story.

  • Heather says:

    Believe me, I’m sure she is going to figure that out without your help! and by the way sex is supposed to be fun. So she started young and got in trouble, like I keep saying, there is nothing we can do about it!

  • Heather says:

    question. would you say all these horrible things to someone in your family? would you tell them that they are a slut, and a bad person for having sex and getting pregnant so young? would you really want to make them feel like shit? cause i am sure she already does!

  • Autumn says:

    I think its great that someone in the spotlight and that is so young is pregnant it just goes to show that these girls are real and make mistakes im 17 and i had my baby when i was 16 and it was a HUGE shocker also!

  • Heather says:

    Finally someone who agrees with me!! Thanks Autumn!! :)

  • Edmund says:

    ohh my god my favorite fan is havin a a baby i am so shock i have never though see was going to do something like that and she is only 16 years old

    can can can can can can i i i be be the godfather

  • ... says:

    HEATHER…if someone in my family got pregnant at a young age, YES..i WOULD call them a slut. i would b ashamed to be related to them. this is the type of family we run here. her family gave her so much freedom that she could have sex with her 19 yr old bf. great family they have huh? and no..shes not a “poor gurl” at all. u duno wat kind of a gurl she is. ur telling us we cant judge her..how the hell do u kno how she is? ur defending her like u kno her personally. just shut the fuck up!!

  • Heather says:

    You are right, I dont know her personally, neither do you, so you should shut the fuck up and stop judging people. And your family sounds pretty fucked up if you treat eachother like that. My family sticks together and helps eachother. I cant believe you would be ashamed to be related to them, that is fucked up! and it doesnt matter if her family gave her freedom or not, if she wanted to have sex with him she’d find a way, its like that with ANYBODY!

  • simona says:

    i mean i really NEVER thought you would have you’r babay at this age but i just heard about right now on dec.13/2007 and wow….. so i looked it up to see whos this casey guy(the father of the child) and i saw some picture and i think you two make a cute couple o and if you find out the sex of the baby PLEASE TELL US!!!!!
    well bye…

    sincerly:you’re fan

  • ... says:

    its called DISCIPLINE bitch…i guess u never learned that DID YOU

  • ... says:

    and ur saying that ur family sticks together? i can bet u my family is more together than ur family. we have discipline and values. by the looks of it, the spears family doesnt. so stop trying to act like jamie’s rep and move the fuck on!! u say ur 19..dont u have better shit to do than to keep commenting on this thing? either ur not in university or college, thats why ur on this thing 24/7. nyway..this is my last comment. peace bitch!

  • Lindsay says:

    She started young, without taking care and knowing the consequences of what having sex could bring to her. She was enjoying that nasty stuff without knowing what it would happen? WHORE. And who told you that sex is SUPPOSED TO BE FUN? Maybe you’ve tried it a lot :S. Being only 19 years old you little bitch.
    And if this happened to someone in my family (WHAT WILL NOT HAPPEN never, because my family can keep their legs closed and think a little bit) I would also call that person a slut, whore and a bitch who CAN’T keep her legs closed for some time.
    And what’s the problem of Jaime feeling like shit? Because she really is for getting pregnant that young :S. I hope she can think a little bit about this.
    POOR GIRL? Stupid whore.
    PS: I have a lot of stuff to do in college, but I really think that trying to keep girls from doing this is also worth it ;) .

  • Heather says:

    For one, I am in college, I’ve been there for two years now….I graduated early! I’m going to be a Forensic Scientist. And sex is SUPPOSED to be fun and great! and yes i have tried it, with one person, the guy that I have been with for over 4 years! So it doesnt make me a slut and doesnt mean I dont have values or morals, it just means I made my own choices instead of letting my family run my life for me! And I have discipline, because if I didnt, I dont think I would be anywhere near where I am today!

  • ... says:

    oooh…i see we got a lying “forensic scientist”. i thought u said u were a virgin? tsk tsk

  • Lindsay says:

    Who said that sex is supposed to be fun and great?
    Whooops. The 19-years-old trashy simpletone who started having sex when? According to her age: when she was 15-17 years old. OK.
    Why does Heather defend this BABY WHORE?, because she started sucking dicks and stuff at the tender age of 15 YEARS.
    Does that mean that she has morals or values? I don’t think so!
    Discipline is about control, I guess that you just can’t control yourself, which means you just opened your legs to a guy (when you were like 15-17 years old just like this bitch) instead of KEEPING THEM CLOSED, as decent people do TILL MARRIAGE or at least older than 21 years old, when you can think correctly, not with the hormones.
    Is really sad that your family is not decent enough to teach you morals, values, discipline- If your mom is just like Jamie Lynn, I doubt that she had something to teach to you, something more important than sex.

  • ... says:

    hahaha nicely said lindsay!!!!

  • Heather says:

    Hey … says could you please point out where I ever stated that I was a virgin? Thank you that would be extremely helpful! And as for you Lindsay, just because I started dating my bf when I was 15 doesnt mean I had sex with him! Actually I waited til I was 18 and out of HS! But because I was only 18 it means I dont have morals or values? Ok, fuckin cunt ass bitch! I am sorry to break it to you, but just because you are 22 and still a virgin doesnt make you some kind of saint! Sorry that the rest of the world doesnt believe in the same things as you. You think that you are making a point by sitting here and calling me a bitch and a whore, but all you are doing is making yourself look like an ass. Cause it doesn’t affect me when you call me names or put me down, because at the end of the day I know I’m a good person, so thats good enough for me! and again with the thing about sex being fun, it is supposed to be. It’s supposed to be special and great and amazing but you just make it sound like its going to suck for you! So I am sorry for the person that ever has to sleep with you! And for your information, yeah my mom was young when she got pregnant, and it was hard, but my mom is an amazing person who taught me SO much, and no I am not just saying that because she is my mom, its because its true! She was never a slut, she had sex for the first time and got pregnant. So she made a mistake, big fukin deal, but if you want to keep running your bitch ass mouth about her, go ahead, its not going to matter. Just because you think that you live in a perfect little world and you are gods gift to earth? Nobody fukin cares, they never did, and they never will!

  • ... says:

    oh…ma bad..u said u werent “pregnant”. never mind…
    but i’ve got to ask…is this wat u do in ur free time? ur saying ur gonna b a “forensic scientist” and u got time to go on this? do u have a life? tru..u can ask the same thing to me..but then again, im not in uni or college..so i do have the time to do stupid shit like this. but u dnt have any excuse.

  • ... says:

    me fighting bout this aint gonna do shit. and im not gonna change my view by listening to anyone on this either. its not gonna change jamie’s decision in any way..so im out.
    peace bitches!!!

  • ... says:

    one last comment…


  • Heather says:

    if you havent noticed bitch, its christmas break, so back the fuck off!

  • Lauren says:

    Wow, Lindsay you are a bitch!

  • Lauren says:

    I cannot believe you would say such horrible things to that Heather girl. I’m 26 and still a virgin and I would never say those horrible things to someone. I can’t believe you would call someone a slut for wanting to have sex at a young age. Yeah it’s definately better to wait til you are more mature, but you have absolutely no right to tell people how they should live there life. You claim to be a mature, responsible adult, and yet you are sitting here criticizing a 16 yr. old celebrity and a 19 yr. old girl that you don’t even know. Its a disgrace that we even have to live in this world with people like you.

  • I think this is a good learning for young girls. N I hope the young girls keep her virgin until she was marrige….

  • hannah montana says:

    leave her the fuck alone big deal she fucked a guy and got pregnant big freaking deal

  • Lindsay says:

    Heather, stupid contradictions don’t count.
    And you’re talking about me being ‘stupid’? Come on, at least I have morals AND I will marry with a white dress, not as you whore HMM could you?
    Poor girls.

  • Lindsay says:

    And for you Lauren: I am a mature, responsible adult, and I’m not telling them what they HAVE to do, is just my point of view.
    If more people like me lived in this world, probably there wouldn’t be so much orfans, kids that their families don’t want them and stuff. And obviously there would be a lot more of birth control.

  • Lauren says:

    Well fuck, keep your point of view to yourself, cause noboday cares what you have to say. First off not all orphans are from teenage moms. Most teenage moms that have children….KEEP THEM, so most children who are given up are from adults or rape victims who get pregnant. And there already is a shit load of birth control, whether or not women use them is there own choice, and how would you change that? Make it a law that all teenage girls at the age of 14 have to get on it? WAKE UP! Look at the world we live in!

  • Lindsay says:

    Decent girls that are 14 years old don’t need birth control stuff, because they shouldn’t have sex, they’re still teenagers!! Their bodies are still growing and they can’t interrupt that by having a baby! Because of morals and physical changes that affect them.
    Learn more about this if you want to say something!!

  • Lindsay-Marie says:

    Wow, too much judging…I have been with my boyfriend for 4 years..I dont personally know Jamie but i understand in the “heat of the moment” things happen…I for one, would not get pregnant now ( at age 17) …I mean yes, it’s sad, not right…but who is to judge her decisions? If my boyfriend and I did get pregnant…I wouldnt want to be all over the news & internet being judged! Being a young mom is pretty tough…Ive seen it happen to some of the girls at my high school and let me say….they are not happy cuz they miss out on so much! I want to wait till i am married to my boyfriend which wont be until in at least 24! And i want to wait at least 5 years to have a child…sure jamie will miss out on stuff throughout her teen years…but she needs to take responsibilty ( which she has) and keep her chin up…its nobody’s job to judge her…I konw alot of young girls who are moms & it’s not easy…so hopefully she can get some help from her family…and im pretty sure being wealthy will benifit her…

  • Lindsay-Marie says:

    I mean…she decided to have sex…and there are always consequences! So it’s really nobody’s fault except her’s & the father’s…but i guess if they think they are ready…guess the world should sit back and see how it goes…hopefully it goes well and younger girls learn not to follow her example…I am not saying she’s a bad person…she did make a bad decision….and now she has to deal with it…It is sad that there arent alot of positive role models out there…I think i am..i dont drink or anything yet cuz i plan on getting through high school and college and becoming a nurse…..younger girls shouldnt have to watch teenage stars drinking smoking pot and getting pregnant….thats sad….cuz those little kids grow up watching that thinking thats ok and its not…does anyone agree with me? if so comment on this…..

  • unknown says:

    I think is discusting but you know it was bound to happen sometime. You fools are so caought up in it all. Do you think shes gonna care? Really. Shes done it and now the whole thing is done.
    I just can’t believe she went from a rolemodel to a flat out copy cat like her sister.
    people like 16 yrs of age now looked up to her when she came out with the whole singing thig and we all hoped and i know we all thought she would never get pregnant, but stop all the fuss, she won’t change.
    we wish but no.
    Q: did she really break up w/ him after all that. . . . . . .

  • unknown says:

    by the was the whole singing thing i was tlaking about was about Brittany spears ..

  • unknown says:

    i think it is a big deal shes a minor to him, and she ONLY 16 yrs old.. hanna montanna. How would you know anyways you’ve prolly dine the same thing

  • unknown says:

    what does Jamie – the real one- have to say about this? can’t relie on the news they twist things just to get you all started

  • Kiera Nicole Spears says:

    These sites are dumb…..people who dont have anything better to do with their time!! Im a distant cousin to Jamie and Brit. You dont know them at all! back off cause if it was you you probably wouldnt want people on your ass all the time…It’s called jealousy!! Get over dumb websites like this! unless you know celebrities personally….you shouldnt judge them. They are normal people, and make the same mistakes that normal people make! Jamie made a mistake but she is taking responsibilty…and that should show something…I have seen pics of her and her new baby belly…..but unless she wants to show them to the public …they will not be released. And by the way. Jamie speaks for herself, she is one heck of a strong person, and unless you know her you wont ever get to see her real beautiful side…she’s just a teenager trying to find her place in this world…:D

  • Kiera Nicole Spears says:

    These sites are dumb….people who dont have anything better to do with their time!! Im a distant cousin to Jamie and Brit. You dont know them at all! back off cause if it was you you probably wouldnt want people on your ass all the time…It’s called jealousy!! Get over dumb websites like this! unless you know celebrities personally….you shouldnt judge them. They are normal people, and make the same mistakes that normal people make! Jamie made a mistake but she is taking responsibilty…and that should show something…I have seen pics of her and her new baby belly…..but unless she wants to show them to the public …they will not be released. And by the way. Jamie speaks for herself, she is one heck of a strong person, and unless you know her you wont ever get to see her real beautiful side…she’s just a teenager trying to find her place in this world…:D So SEE YA

  • Kiera Nicole Spears says:

    Dont worry Jamie Lynn …your family is always going to be by your side! And Brit…we know your story…the public doesnt. As the same goes for miss Jamie! Love you both …call you soon! Its pretty funny…you will be sitting here laughing at this comment soon ( and rolling your eyes at all the jealous people who write on here) ! Muahs! Call you both soon! Jamie. See YOU on New Year’s Day!
    Love ALways– Kiera Nicole Spears*

  • omalocky says:

    you are a fucking dick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ~*LadyLove*~ says:

    The way I see it is simple… Celebrities are regular people too! In today’s society there are may young girls that are having sex and the majority of them don’t tell there parents and are not using protection, not because they don’t want to but because they don’t know. Our society is filled with the anology that Sex sells!! Many young girls are looking at celebrities as role models and think what they do is right! I don’t condone young 13-16 year old girls having sex but regardless its going to happen. I think Jamie is still intelligent and responsible like the saying goes accidnts do happen and they happen to the best of us! We are all human, we have all done something we are not proud of and many of them we regret! Nowadays it is not uncommon for teens to have babies and quite frankly the fact teens are having kids doesn’t bother me its the fact that many of them can’t take care of the kids! I think Jamie will be ok I think she is more responsible than her sister and I think she has still learned from her sisters mistakes!!

  • Anonymous says:

    hahaha KIERA is a looooserrrrrrrrrr! i was actually pissing my pants laughing when i read her comment hhaahahhahahaha

  • Lindsay says:

    Umm, so should I be jealous of a 16-year-old whore who ruined her life by getting pregnant when she was only 16? I don’t think so!
    And by getting pregnant when she’s ONLY 16 years old she’s not particularly showing off her intelligence, responsibility and tenderness huh?

  • Lindsay says:

    Maybe she learnes from this mistake, but this ‘little mistake’ will have a life, will breathe and grow up. Such a mistake..

  • Lindsay says:


  • Heather says:

    and you never know….maybe she’ll be a fantastic mom! so shut the fuck up and get a life!

  • jay jay says:

    you all need to leave jamie lynn spears the hell alone she has done nothing to you guy so leave her the fuck alone stupid ass people

  • jay jay says:

    you are right hannah montana they do need to leave her the fuck alone they dont even know her and i know she dont like reading all this hateful shit about her

  • Kiera Nicole Spears says:

    Why would any of you care if it does not affect you personally? YOu are all pure jealous…get a life of your own and quit living off celebrities!!!

  • Kiera Nicole Spears says:

    The comments you people make are only because of your insecurities….Jamie is my family and i will do anything in my power to back her up! You dont know anything about her so it doesnt matter….you are all insecure people with nothing better to do with your time….

  • Kiera Nicole Spears says:

    OMALOCKY…you dont know me or my family so back off cuz you obviously have nothing better to do than sit around and wait for celebrities to so called ” screw up” they are normal people leave them alone!

  • Kiera Nicole Spears says:

    Anonymous….you are inmature and insecure as well…you dont know me and jamie lynn doesnt have to prove anything to the public…So grow up

  • Kiera Nicole Spears says:

    And as for you LINDSAY …. a child is never a “mistake” you obviously do NOT have children of your own…It is sad how many pathetic people are in this world today…everyone who isnt a celebrity seems to live off of them because they dont have that fame & money….

  • Lindsay says:

    So when she had sex with this guy, was she thinking about having a baby or planning it? Hmm I DON’T THINK SO. Which probably means it was a mistake.
    And the one who said that she made a mistake by doing this, WASN’T ME! So read better and then talk, OK?

  • cassandra says:

    your prengent jamie Innspears

  • Anonymous says:

    funny to think that daddy to the bitch’s bastard child dumped her…….good for HIM!!! Atleast someone in that place is thinking for himself.

    hope the little skank likes raising a bastard child by herself

  • Lindsay says:

    hope the little skank likes raising a bastard child by herself

    HECK YEAH, her fault haha.

  • maria says:

    loool how can most of u people take her side! she new what her sister was going throu and decided that shes wanted to follow her sisters footstep , they need to be loked up! she had eveything in front of her a music career and an acting career and shes just gone and thrown all of that away!

  • maria says:

    we take after normal celebs not the fllipin spears family ! use ur head people!

  • stephanie says:

    Well the apples does not fall from the tree. I think her show should have been yanked from Nick. There are young kids including my kid, that watch it want to be like her. That is crazy to her to be pregnant and be on a kid show. I think Nick should not allow that at all. that is a choice that she made to keep it, but then there should consinquences to her actions.

  • Melissa says:

    jamie lynn spears is stupid if she wants to live with britany. If she lives with Brit shes going to lose her baby just like her sister did. I still think its stupid shes so young and has so much in her life but with a baby you mostly lose everything.

  • Texas Mom says:

    I am raising my eyebrows at how much attention she is getting from all of this. Teen pregnancy is an epidemic in this country and if you don’t beleive me, work in a pregnancy crisis center for a week. I am appolled at the fact that she is being so glamorized by her pregnancy. She may have millions to back up raising her child, however, 99% of teenage girls who get pregnant in the country every year end up on welfare. It’s a shame because my ten year old daughter is no longer allowed to watch Zoey 101. She looked up to Jaime Lynn and I know a lot of other moms that are feeling the way I do. The comments that have been posted by some of the younger generation are frightening! I beg Nickelodeon to cancel the show. Calling her a slut is wrong too. However, saying that she is atleast taking responsibility is wrong. If she was responsible, she would have used some method of birth control in the first place.

  • janet says:

    All you guys are messed up, just because some thing happened and she got pregnate doesnt give you the right to be rude, There are many people that this happens to and you guys dont diss on them, now do you. And birth control doesnt work for every one, i got pregnate at 16 because one of my other medications canceled it out and i didnt find out about it until i was 7 weeks pregnate!!! SO WHY DONT YOU PEOPLE FIND SOMETHING BETTER TO DO WITH YOUR LIFE AND LEAVE HER THE ALONE, ITS WRONG.

  • Brianna says:

    i think Jamie Lynn Spears will be a great mother.
    the fact that shes at such a young age doesnt help,
    but in my opinion, she will have this baby and it will
    be GREAT. Jamie your no slut in my eyes. your my hero.

  • jamie i am 15 and pregnate… i know what you are going through and dont listen to all those bitches you will make a great mom!!

  • Melissa says:

    well yeah I think she will be a great mon not saying she wont be. But if my daughter was 15 and got preg I dont know what I would do there not mature enough to have a child at that age. They are just learning stuff at that age and learning how to grow up.

  • Ashly says:

    Oh my God. Why is everyone treating her like this? She could be like some girls who just run out and get an abortion and never take responsibility for their lives. If she wasnt famous then this wouldnt even be an issue.
    I am 18 and my daughter is 10 months old. Im a damn good mom and if people talked to me the way some of you guys have to Jamie I would probably haul off and hit you in F*N mouth! Seriously, who are you guys to sit here and talk to her this way? You guys act like your 12 or something. Dont you have your own life to live? Or do you not have one so instead you have to treat other people like shit? But Jamie I completely support you! Dont worry. Everything will work out trust me. Im no millionaire and me and my boyfriend and baby get along just fine. We love being parents and would never change it for the world! They say having a baby changes everything, and in a way it does, but it doesnt mean your life is over. You can still do everything you do now. Do you people not watch tv? Pregnant actors are everywhere!
    All the people talking shit to you are just jealous. They wish they had what you have. But obviously seeing how they talk to you shows just why they dont have anything and never will. All you have to do is always be there for your baby and never let anyone tell you your not a good moma. Props to you hunny and your going to do just fine.
    Congrats and Good luck with everything!

  • Ashly says:

    Whoa whoa whoa! & Whoever you are Mellisa girl! Hopefully you never have kids if thats your perspective on children.
    Too bad you’ll never know cause you actually dont LOSE anything, in fact, you gain EVERYTHING! Its this tiny little life that you created and you love them no matter what! Its the most amazing thing in the world! God, some people just have no heart at all…Sad.

  • kimmy says:

    oh my gosh i can’t believe ur pregnant

  • kimmy says:

    u are so mad

  • kimmy says:

    but im a big fan of ur’s i can’t believe u kiss chase i nearly faint

  • Princess Dee says:

    1st: It’s DISGUSTING!!! She’s a BABY herself! What is this? She’s 16yrs old?!

    2nd: Jamie-Lynn hun, their called birth control and condoms!!!
    In case you forgot. I thought you had the money to purchase those types of protection…bup…I could be wrong.

    3rd: That poor baby will end up probably being as messed as her and her sister Britney. Pregnant/Knocking up a girl.

    For a rich person, I really don’t get why she didn’t use some sort of protection. It was a 110% publicity stunt. She had to pay off her Louis Vuitton purse somehow.
    I mean…think of ALL the money she’s getting for pictures and personal interviews now and once that poor baby is born.

    I’m sorry all you young teens/tweens…whom ever thinks her stupidity is “cool” think again. It’s NOT and is rather annoying.


  • jill says:

    she is just a dumb ass slut who got pregnant her family is fucked up (look at her older sister) and her baby will be a slut too! the apple dosent fall far from the tree!!!

  • jill says:

    jami is a hoe!

  • jill says:

    my little sister use to look up to that bitch! What should my sister get pregnant too???????

  • jill says:


  • jill says:


  • jill says:

    all the spears need to get help

  • amy says:

    Baby’s out.

  • Audrianna says:

    Oh my God she is Pregnant. She is still the same person to me even tough she is Pregnant…
    And i thank she will be a loving mother
    And why is this people writing stupid suff about her your just mad caues your not have a baby…
    So if you don’t Like jamie lynn not look at her or don’t watch her shows..


  • annonomus says:

    brittney is fuckin screwed now because shes in labor

  • zulfa says:


  • Hey Jaime Lynn, I am a big fan of yours and whenever i see your pics on front of magazines, i always pick them up and buy them. I think you a really a great mother and taking care of Maddie Briann your daughter the best that you can. I am so happy that you dumped Casey and i think that you should find someone who is going to love you for you and also is going to love your daughter as well. You need someone with a good heart and who is very loving and caring as well. Hey i might be almost 40 years of age but i can pass for 24 or younger at times. I love everyone with open arms and i am there for someone no matter what may come their way in life. Hey I always wanted to meet a superstar face to face. So please write back to me on myspace and i want to add you to my friends list on there as well!!! Once again, i think you are a good mother !!

  • the girl says:

    Hey Jamie, un I just wanted to comment… NO! I just wanted to say:
    What happed girl? I mean you had it all, what else do you want… you know what I think well I think you lost it, I mean you used to be very famouse and now all the paparatziz are after you everywhere, well its ur life not mine and you know what let me give you a little advise … FIX IT ! remember “zoe 101″ I wanna keep having new stuff I TOTALLY LOVE THE SHOW… and dont ruin yourself more then you have!!!!!!!

  • you are so stupid!!!what is wrong with you?!?!? your only 16 and your gonna have a baby AGAIN how could you cheat on your boyfriend hes so sexy your a sult thats right your a sult you slut sult and your a sult SULT SULT SULT SULT SULT SULT SULT SULT SULT AND A BICH

  • Brie says:

    Jamie you are a great mother…i know you must have went through a lot but dont worry what other ppl think its about how you feel…i know your sister went through a lot and still is and ppl use that aginst you… and i think that the ppl that do that are jerks because everyone makes mistakes and everyone learns from them…to me i think that your sister is coming along great and i know that you wont make the mistakes that she made…and you are such a great mother and you moe then likly have grown up so much since you had your little girl because it takes alot to be a mothe at sixteen…you just keep your head held high and keep living your dream
    your great fan Brie

  • ShAqUeZ says:

    i’ve seen the baby (maddie) she is so cute the 1st time i saw her i just wish i could hold her

  • zack says:

    fuck forget it i will still fuck u baby even tho u dont know me i am hot what is your number

  • bub says:

    seriosly cool dont let him/here get ahold of any thing bad

  • ? says:

    fuck all of you not the ones who likes her

  • shelletta says:

    ur not trash or anything sweet heart ur a beautyfull young lady

  • unknown person says:

    congrates Jaimie

  • home page says:

    Your data is incredibly helpful

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