Britney Spears Faces Her Deposition Today!


Britney Spears will be bolted down to her chair at K-Fed’s lawyers office in Los Angeles today and will be under oath while being grilled by Fed-Ex’s legal team! Good luck Brit, we’ll be waiting outside with your mocha frappacino! Entertainment/Splashnews

9 Responses to “Britney Spears Faces Her Deposition Today!”

  • CHRIST!! Were you overran by a train or have you been a victim of a severe car-crash?
    I really don’t think you’re a physical healthy person.
    And we’re not even discussing your mental part because that’s ONE BIG JOKE!!

  • klark kent says:

    she looks great!! Luv ya brit!!!!!!!!!!!

  • i’ve got my popcorn ready…

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  • cyn says:

    Klark Kent you obviously are smoking just as much crack as she is. She looks horrible especially in this pic. The only way she can look half way decent, is with airbrushing and editing, otherwise….PUKE. Her personality alone makes her ugly

  • Jennifer the Punk/musician says:

    I think people just need to leave her alone!!!! if they do them maybe she’ll do better.

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  • Rosalina says:

    I must say Rudy is damn hot as an avatar! Love the fro Commander!That was great fun, guys.How was that put thtegoer? It sounded pre-scripted and then assembled later. Did you guys get to design your avatars or did she do that for you?

  • Pandu says:

    I had the same experience with feleing that i needed to apply more makeup in order to blend it with my skin complexion. After cutting a few inches off, it wasn’t a bad wig just I didn’t feel too comfortable to wear it everyday or when going out in the evening. i had wigs where the blonde looked like mustard (eww). But I will try this one. And if it doesn’t work, I just come back to your channel until you find the perfect one lol.Thanks!

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