Jaclyn Smith Takes Her Daughter Spencer Margaret Christmas Shopping!


The original Charlies Angels gal Jaclyn Smith took her daughter Spencer Margaret out Christmas shopping in Beverly Hills this week! Hopefully Jaclyn’s gonna buy that poor gal a new t-shirt, belt and some shoes!

Photo:CelebrityPuke.com/London Entertainment/Splashnews

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  • Anonymous says:

    You’re a quit couple. Jaclyn’s daughter will become a pretty smart girl. Who, I think, wil be a theoretical brightness!!

  • klark kent says:

    When did Jacklyn become a weird cross between barbara walters and nancy pelosi?

  • laura says:

    Divina como siempre!!!!!!!!
    Soy tu fans número1!!!!
    Te admira

  • A Fan says:

    I am a great fan of Jaclyn Smith but at 60+ it is time for her to start to age gracefully….she has had a lot of work done and her fans will start to question her sensibility.

  • the right stuff says:

    Jackie and daughter look great – compare them to the Hollywood trash out there and they are already graceful and stylish, no matter how young or old.

  • I love Jaclyn Smith. She is a very classy, but down to earth lady, who is beautiful both inside and out. I have been following her for a very long time from Charlie’s Angels to her Lifetime Movies, and everything in-between. I respect her for not being like all the other Hollywood Actors and Actresses that have to create drama and behave immorally to garner attention from the media to elevate their status. She is confident in who she is, has set her own standards in her work and in her personal life, and does so without flaunting it or resorting to unscrupulous behavior. And embraces family values. I love that about her. I agree with “the right stuff”…she is graceful and stylish no matter how old she is. I’ll always put her on a pedestal because she’s earned it!

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