Jeremy Piven’s Hydrogen Fueled Flying Car…Kinda!


Jeremy Piven wasn’t acting when he drove off in this cool hydrogen powered BMW yesterday! Saving the enviroment is a big deal for a lot of Hollywood celebrities! Entertainment/Splashnews

One Response to “Jeremy Piven’s Hydrogen Fueled Flying Car…Kinda!”

  • What’s this about Jeremy Piven’s hydrogen fueled flying car? The concept is apparently from 2007. Did it actually fly?

    I am very much in favour of flying cars and I ideally want them to be able to levitate like Doc Emmett Brown’s DeLorean. The flying car seems to have a promising future at the moment. Furthermore, Steve Johnson recently tested his ca-boat contraption. This has promted me to suggest the ca-plane and the ca-helicopter. Already the Milner AirCar and the Autovolantor seem promising.

    I am featured on the BBC website and anxious to bring my weblinks to everyone’s attention. Simply visit Google and search the web for Jeremy Keller, or Jeremy Keller BBC, to access the details.

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