Paris, Nicole And Nicky Hilton Do Lunch!


Paris and Nicky Hilton had lunch with pregnant Nicole Richie in Beverly Hills with a few dozen photographers! I guess Paris and Nicole are still friends! There’s a rumor that Paris sold pics of herself from Nicole’s private baby shower. Entertainment/Splashnews

2 Responses to “Paris, Nicole And Nicky Hilton Do Lunch!”

  • Anonymous says:

    Nicky, nicole and paris go SHITTING is almost of the same importance. GIVE SOME REAL NEWS!!
    Why do you think all those starting celebs are turning into LOSER-CREATIONS like that lindsay-girl. (WATCH THAT HAYDEN PARTIERE!!)When one photographer can easily handle those girls but it’s SOOOO FAKE being pictured by almost TEN!! assholes. Those assholes are the cause those kids must feel like they must feel like they are fucking diva’s and IMPORTANT ONES. To be honest: what precize are the abilities of that trash. EXACTLY, I DON’T KNOW EITHER!!

  • elizabeth says:

    love the pictures on the celebrity dirt about puking

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