Lindsay Lohan Shops For Diamonds!


Lindsay Lohan shopped for two hours at XIV Karats LTD yesterday! What could she have been doing for so long. Who’s she buying diamonds for?After her long stint in rehab and that tough jail sentence, what could be next for la la Lohan?

4 Responses to “Lindsay Lohan Shops For Diamonds!”

  • Duh says:

    She can buy diamonds, so what, let her buy diamonds, dog food, tampons, whatever, spend, spend, spend brings much happiness………right……….?

  • Listen:
    When all your tyres are good as flat and there is no air for pumping them up again, with other words: YOU ARE BROKE!! Where the hell can you DIAMONDS then? Gave PINOKKIO the adress of the store to you or was it simple GLASS with a warrant?

  • celebrity says:

    on a dating site? i do not think so.why would she do smth like this?she is rich.. so she does not have to meet a boy on the internet

  • Annie says:

    She is so sexy. WILL SHE GO TO TAKE PART IN A PARTY?

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