Britney Spears “Imagine Peace With A GoldFish!”


Britney Spears wore a white “Imagine Peace” ban today while shopping for Goldfish at PETCO in West Hollywood! Somebody call Hayden Panettiere because the goldfish’s days are probably numbered! Entertainment/Splashnews

8 Responses to “Britney Spears “Imagine Peace With A GoldFish!””

  • Petite says:

    She could have ordered the fish by phone and had them delivered to her house, but Noooooooooooo…must be photographed!!!!!

  • Fede says:

    Britney has a Lipo? she is skinny, so beautiful , three days before she was fat
    she got a lipo, ok britney now is beautiful, so she is the princess of pop…

    Big artist and people too, I love Brit, good Luck

  • That big? child named britt spears is sleep-walking the whole fucking day long!!
    Make a song about GOLDFINGER/FISH!!

  • Wanna Be says:

    Have a look at the Stones,,,,Rod Stewart, Elton John,David Bowie,,,,Seeing 60,,,,and still going VERY strong musically, and mentally,,,,Now close your eyes,,,,and PICTURE BRITTNEY DOING THE SAME

  • Questionable says:

    I wouldn’t buy a ticket to that show,,,wanna be,,,,,,HA-HA

  • Dude Luv says:

    All these younger “1 HIT STARS” will definately not be able to hold their place in music,,,,1 year from now much less 20 years down the road,,,,ha ha ha ha lol especially that rap garbage.

  • celebrity says:

    i agree the fact that she could have taken her order at home.she really wants be the center of the univers?

  • cyn says:

    She can’t take care of herself or her kids moreless a freakin fish. Poor fish. Shell probly feed it cheetos. Everytime I see her she’s with a differant dog. What happens to all these dogs? Animals aren’t disposible bitch neither are your kids.

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