Britney Spears Was Booked Last Night!



Britney Spears was voluntarily booked at a Van Nuys police station last night! Spears was involved in a minor fender bender back in September that was documented by a video’razzi. Spears left the scene of the accident without leaving her information. The incident was declared a hit & run. Last night it took 45 minutes to process Spears and get her back to Starbucks. The maximum penalty for the crime is 6 months in jail and no Cheetos.

Credit: Entertainment/Splashnews

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  • Liezl says:

    This poor girl has been through so much already and it doesn’t stop. I am from South Africa, but Britney and I were born on the same day, the same year and our kids are only months apart. She was my idol and had the life I would have liked to live up until Kevin happend…. what was she thinking. I guess you can’t choose who you fall in love with. I was also with a Kevin look-a-like for 5 years and have also divorced his ugly ass since.

    I cannot believe that she lost the custody of her kids because she wouldn’t stop jolling! C’mon Britney – your kids need you! You’re leaving them with Kevin who is just going to raise them to be like him!

    The media should leave Britney alone to get her life on track and sort herself out. She can’t say anything without the world knowing about it – She’s become desperate for attention – positive attention.

    i feel for you girl. I can only try and imagine how it must feel to have nothing left, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

  • CAPT. Cornhole says:

    Capt Cornhole says:
    A series of sperm colonics would set her striaght. I’m sure of it.

  • Champane says:


  • Ashley Wills says:

    That Bitch got problems she needs some help . And don’t nobody want them ugly ass kids not even her .

  • CAPT. Cornhole says:

    She needs to keep showing off her chittlins. I like when she does that.

    Hell, her chittlins are getting a tan from all the paps camera flashes!

  • danny says:

    LMAO @ chitlins!!!

  • Britney is Pathetic says:

    125 lbs. on paper, 180 lbs. on the scale.

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