Disneyland Dress Codes?


 Bec and Shay-B, Two band mates from the popular rock band SSX.com, headed over to Disneyland this week! Planning on a fun filled day, the ladies thought it would be fun to dress up for there little day with the big mouse! To the girls surprise upon arriving at the pearly gates they were refused entry!

According to SSX.com:

Bec and Shay-B recently went to Disneyland dressed like this…
And Disney reps refused to let them in. They stated that costumes were not allowed in the park.
So the two took off the gloves and bought Disney brand T-Shirts from a store in Downtown Disney.
So the only thing left on the girls that appeared to be any sort of costume was the skirts.
They were still refused entrance to the park. Bec asked the “manager” if she had to go buy shorts, would they then let them in the park? He stated, “I don’t know, we’ll have to see what you look like then.”
HELLO?? Shorts and a Disney T-Shirt and they’d still have to think about it?
An onlooker stated,
“Well I hope that’s not a problem, because I was planning on wearing shorts and a T-Shirt myself!”
So is it the problem of make-up? Or just looking good?



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