Columbo’s Still Looking For You!


Peter Faulk aka”Columbo” was seen walking around Beverly Hills probably asking folks ‘What did you pay for those shoes?”ok. that’s just one of his catch-phrases. Now I’m sure anybody born in the 1980′s won’t have a clue who this guy is, but with the good o’le internet you could probably find an old Youtube video or something!

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  • gigi viollette says:

    Born in 1980–Know EXACTLY who this is, thank you very much!

  • Joe says:

    This guy is still the best detective in my estimation. If he had the high tech stuff we have today, he would have made a mockery of all of them.
    Hats off to an original guy!

  • pink bunny 13 says:

    Peter Faulk does a great job in three christmas movies this year on Hallmark channel.. glad to see he is back, make him an angel series.. blessings Peter…

  • Caroll Palmore says:

    I am so sad to hear that Peter Faulk has alzheimers disease. I met him one time in Pittsburgh at the William Penn Hotel and he was reading a paper, but took time out to talk to me. He was truly a great guy and a gentleman. My prayers go out to his daughter. My Mom also has alzheimers-early stages-but I see her slipping every day. My prayers go to her and the family.

  • william says:

    To whom it may concern…Peter, I grew up with Perry Mason and you. You were and still a great icon of mine. From the time I briefly met you on the set of “ALL THE MARBLES,I gathered you were a great guy with his feet on the ground until I took a class of criminal justice with your daughter up at college of the redwoods. And both times I was to humble for my own good. When in reality I should have jumped out straight away and exclaimed you were the best detective we will ever meet in this era.Sincerly WmTWall

  • I loved all three angel series, wish it was more of them. I watch all of the Columbo’s love every one of them. Lets get him back on.

  • Lori says:

    Why is it, this image of Peter Falk is on here.
    after all i read on here his being remember for the actor he truly was , not for images like these to be splashed all over the internet ,taken by vultures who wanted to make a pretty penny!..opps sorry Parrots.

    Peter is /was a lvely warmth person best male actor in America who will be missed by many round the globe.

    either in his films or mainly for the role he was really known for Columbo…..respect please replace this photo.

    Peter Falk fans.

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