The Daily Puke!


Lily Allen and Kate Moss party!(CelebritySmack)

New Jessica Simpson photo’s(NewsToob)

Charlie Sheen’s vicious e-mails!(Right Celebrity)

Creepy Prince Harry sculpture!(Geno’s World)

Johhny Fourplay vs Danny Bonaducbag( LA.Rag.Mag)

Roseanne Barr & Rosie O’Donnell?(Seriously?OMG WTF!)

Nicole Richie’s bump!(TheStarblogger)

Hilary Duff is A crappy swimmer!(LeaveUmALohan)

Tracy Gold is pregnant!(CelebWarship)

Britney Spears sex tape?(Poponthepop)

Kristin Kreuk fight?(SnarkyGossip)

Hanna Montana tickets scandal!(CelebrityDirtyLaundry)

Abigail Clancy Pics!(Notorious)

Eva Longoria fake sex tape!(QueenOfSnark)

Hayden Paniettiere’s gas tank!(Celebridiot)

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