Britney Spears Has Lost Custody of Her Children!



Unbelievable! It has happened! An L.A Superior Judge has issued an order today stating that Kevin Federline is to retain physical custody of the minor children on October 3, 2007 by 12:00pm until further order of the court!

3 Responses to “Britney Spears Has Lost Custody of Her Children!”

  • joanne oneill says:

    that is really wrong she will end up falling to pieces now i really don’t care how much people hate her they have no reason too!she isn’t a bad person and she never has been!that slimy little goldigging weasel knew what he was doing the moment he got with her.He wont spent the maintenance money on the kids hell keep it for himself! why the hell would anyone want to ruin someones life like that its just not fair.And that judge must have known he was wrong.For all the hard work and effort shes ever put into her life and what she has done for others that are more unfortunate than her and now hes snatched that away from her.I bet the idiots walking round with a great big smile on his face and i think someone should wipe it off.There is only 2 ways she can go she can hold her self together and win them back OR she can fall to pieces and lose them forever.He is much worse than her i just don’t see how this has happened.He takes drugs and drinks if you ask me its favoritism!I hope Britney wins the life she deserves back i really do!

  • Michelle says:

    we all saw it coming. she takes drugs n drinks heavily. if it had been someone who wasn’t famous social services would have taken our kids in a heartbeat n we would have been arrested. shes in the real world now. i wouldnt swap lives with her for all her money. i know she is very troubled and probably depressed, but she just got more outof control instead of tryin to be in control. i mean, did she deliberately cause al this to happen because she simply couldnt be bothered bringing up her kids n doing all the hard work. were they an inconvenience? would she rather party all the time? in my opinion, i didnt want either her or her ex husband kev to obtain custody of those poor boys. but im just glad she has no longer got custody. watch this it’ll be now that she actually begins to get a grip of herself, but right nowits too late for that isnt it. Britney you silly cow!

  • baila says:

    this girl has let herself go_geez_I think this is the nd of her!
    I cant believe i once idolised her…

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