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Happy Halloween!


Rumor Willis is famous..Who knew!(CelebritySmack)

Britney Spears jumps in the shower LIVE!(CelebrityDirtyLaundry)

Amy Fisher’s gross sex tape!(PopCrunch)

Lindsay Lohan in Hollywood!(StarBlogger)

Angelina Jolie pregnant?(Right Celebrity)

Kiefer Sutherland doesn’t sign autographs anymore!(Geno’s World)

Kim Kardashian’s Playboy cover!(AnythingHollywood)

Angelina Jolie Is “Wanted!”

[youtube Z4pWuFv48Zk]

Angelina Jolie’s next big action movie with Morgan Freeman looks _____________!

K-Fed Gets A Magazine Cover While Britney Parties!



Kevin Federline graced the cover of “Official Hommes” this month while Britney Spears’ new CD “Blackout” hit record stores last night. Britney partied with her cousin Alli Sims at club Winstons last night. After leaving the club Alli got pulled over by the police. It appeared that they let Alli go without a citation, probably because once the cop saw Britney in the passenger seat, she knew Alli had her hands full!

The Family Jewels!


Shannon Tweed and her daughter Sophie got there toenail’s done in Beverly Hills…wait, is that a hangnail and are they both wearing freakin’ Yoda sandles? Entertainment/Splashnews

OTEP Filming In Beverly Hills!!



Otep Shamaya was seen looking caged, while filming in Beverly Hills this week! Filming ended shortly after the fake grenade on her belt buckle blew up!

Did Whitney Port Go To USC?


So much for The Hills! Whitney Port from the show The Hills,” wore a USC sweater while getting some snacks in Beverly Hills yesterday!

Britney Spears Goes To Court, K-fed Sneaks In!


Britney Spears arrived at an LA court house yesterday over a custody battle for her children from former flame Kevin Federline. The quiet afternoon appearance had the world wondering if the two former love birds might ignite an old flame. Britney was heard singing”““Eat it, lick it, snort it, f*%k it,” while walking back and fourth from two or three restroom breaks during her court appearance. Could these be the lyrics heard while listing to her new album backwards? Afterward, Britney was seen speeding away from the court house smiling from ear-to ear! There’s nothing like seeing an old flame again! The judge declared that her visitation rights were extended over the weekend, and that the rest of the matters would be decided over next week! Entertainment/Splashnews

Janice Dickinson Probably Remembering Her Old Lips!


Janice Dickinson fed her chubby lips with a foo-foo drink yesterday, before shopping in Beverly Hills! Entertainment/Splashnews

“I Am Legend”


[youtube fgyO8jl2pGM]

Will Smith’s new movie “I Am Legend.”

Mira Sorvino Takes Her Family To The Pumpkin Patch!


Mira Sorvino took her daughter Mattea and her hubby to a Pumpkin patch in Beverly Hills! Check out her cha cha boots! Entertainment/Splashnews is an online celebrity gossip blog with up to date celebrity news, gossip, and exclusive candid pictures of Hollywood's hottest celebrities.
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