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Last night was the gigantic 13th annual Nocturnal Festival in downtown Los Angeles! It was huge! Paul Van Dyk was insane! The Chemical Brothers, Carl Cox, Benny Bennassi were just a few that kept the hundreds of thousands of fans dancing till four in the morning!

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  • NotKissingAny1'sAss says:

    First and foremost, get lost! Did you actually attend?! Paul VD was mediocre at best. He didn’t have a quarter of the setup he should have. He did his studio songs with live vocalists, not the party/club songs he’s known to play at gatherings. Plus the lazy ass sat down the entire time. Second, “hundreds of thousands” ? You mean Ten’s of thousands? The event capacity was 25,000 and it didn’t even sell out. I can guarentee i was on 10x the psychoactivs you were. Yet i still am able to acurately recall the event, which mind you wasnt even 24 hours ago. Even the poor, indie, internet media is filled with ignorance. Fuck.

  • PukeMeister says:


  • bob says:

    haha he said hundreds of thousands…man there was atleast 30k people there that night. and it was just fucking beautiful.

  • kelli says:

    Heey!! nocturnal was AMAZING!! way too crouded but it was good! well i came to your web page and saw the pic you took of me and my girl honor. your page wont let me copy it soo i was wondering if you could send it to me threw email!

  • PukeMeister says:

    Sure e-mail us, thanks!

  • kelli says:

    would you mind sending it to my myspace?? my names kelli gilbert.. if you just go to search by name you’ll see me. or my email 4 myspace is!!! thanks soooo much!!

  • PukeMeister says:

    Hi Kelli, i couldn’t find ya so i added the pic to the CelebrityPuke/Myspace. You could grab it there, thanks!

  • Momma Raver says:

    Fuck that! Nocturnal Wonderland /Festival 2007 was dope as fuck!!! My husband has been to Noc in Cali 4x (2000, 2001, 2004 (with me), and this year (2007 again with me). His fav party was in 2000, he said that 2001 sucked, we both agree that 2004 sucked REALLY bad, and we went back this year to find out if it’s gotten any better… yes, yes it has indeed!!! Christopher Lawrence was dope, Carl Cox rocked the place so hard, Chemical Brothers were a bit of a disappointment if you ask me, and I didn’t get to see PVD so I can’t say much about his set. Aside from the little druggies running around asking me for pills I say that the party was 1 MASSIVE, 1 vibe, 1 crowd, the way it’s supose to be. The crowd of 25,000+ people was to say the least, AMAZING, the kandy kids were so adorable! The stilt walkers were cool as hell, security were ass holes like always, standing in that big ass line to get into the party wasn’t really that bad over all, THE PARTY WAS DOPE AS HELL! =) I will NEVER forget that night. I really hope they continue to use that area/venue because it makes Noc that more amazing. Also, next year I’m doing it VIP style! Yup yup, fo sho! *lol* =)

  • christ0pher says:

    Notkissinganyone…shut the fuck up. Give your opinion, that’s fine but don’t act like you know more than everybody else. And when you’re responding to an event like nocturnal that’s just sad. There were thousands of people all having the time of their life and feeling the exact same vibe. I was one of them. I had one of the most amazing nights of my life and so did everybody else. I feel bad that you can’t just enjoy your night, enjoy the music, and enjoy the people. I sure wouldn’t wanna run into you at a rave…you’d probably bring me down. Fuck off.

  • Evan says:

    I agree, it was one of the most enjoyable nights I have ever had, the people were amazing, the music was great, and the vibe was dream like. Ill be returning to Nocturnal for many years to come, I am disappointed this was my first time going.

  • rebecca says:


  • rebecca says:


  • rebecca says:

    avril lavinge is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cool! im almost in love with her!

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