Avril Lavigne Actually Does Have Fans!





Avril Lavigne actually gave her last few fans the time of day! Avril’s fans caught up with her after the Sum 41 concert in Grand Rapids Michigan!


After the concert, Avril had a small birthday party in the venue with her husband and his bandmates. We were eventually able to get her a message that some of her fans were waiting with gifts for her outside and she came right out.

We asked Avril and Deryck if we could get photos with them and they were absolutely happy to do it. So we all got individual photos with Avril and then the two people I was with took photos with Deryck, but just as I was about to take my photo with Deryck, Avril started asking me what I was studying in university so I missed getting one. Then, when he came back to say they had to leave Avril asked him to take a picture with me first because I had missed getting one before! By this time I had even forgotten that I hadn’t
had a photo with Deryck, but she still remembered.


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