David Letterman Sticks It To Paris Hilton!

[youtube ZKSxHYK_wfs]

David Letterman doesn’t hold the punches with Paris Hilton! You gotta see this video! Hilarious! Dave Letterman hasn’t been this funny in years! I actually thought Paris was going to start crying on stage!

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  • Judy Bee says:

    I’m hittin’ all the area’s I can find to tell you David, you were the one in your interview with Paris that looked and acted stupid. What was up with that anyway? Did you invite her on to just make fun of her? It looked like it. I’m not even a Paris person. I got just as sick as so many other of hearing about all her bull—-. Why don’t we give her a chance to see if she is going to do all the great things that she has planned. Now David, if she shrews it all up, you’ll have plenty of new material. ” DAVID LEAVE PARIS ALONG ” :^( Yes I do check out You-tube now and then.

    Peace Out,

  • larry says:

    Letterman has not been funny since the 70′s. If Paris is so stupid how is it she is always working on a new project. The woman makes money on her own.

  • Mez says:

    I LOVE David Letterman !!

  • Judge Bug says:

    PARIS HILTON GO AWAY! She has no talent and this has been the only thing anyone has watched of her cause we got to see what she really is. An uneducated moron. Not a Letterman fan but have to say he did an amazing job. She’s what happens when people are stupid enough to not have as much money as she does but wants to be like her. If you want to be like her than you need to be in a rich family, not earn anything, have loose morals, not finish high school, and say you’ve changed when you’re actually punished and your money can’t buy you out of problems this time. HILTON GO AWAY!

    Puke Out,

  • [...] Celeb wrote an interesting post today onHere’s a quick excerptDavid Letterman doesn’t hold the punches with Paris Hilton! You gotta see this video! Hilarious! Dave Letterman hasn’t been this funny in years! I actually thought Paris was going to start crying on stage! [...]

  • 9INE says:

    That was the funniest thing.


  • i hate myself im an emo i slit my wrists every night tell me what to do befor i kill myself please my name is everly wellow i hate david letterman he is fat and gay and haves no friends and is a piscccasetter wuv ya SLIT MA WRISTS KILL ME NOW

  • princess says:

    hey dave what up you heaps cool i watch your show every night

  • LISA says:

    I’m not too fond of David Letterman these days either. I used to like him a lot more than I do now.

    No matter how much we love our own children…as I do my own and as I am sure David Letterman does…one day they will grow up.

    It is very sad that he BASHED Paris Hilton…she is someone’s daughter after all, as Harry is David Letterman’s son.

    How would he feel if someone was doing this to Harry and Harry just sat there while being bashed IN PUBLIC while being invited on someone’s TV show to be interviewed ????

    I think David Letterman owes Paris Hilton an apology.

    Remember, Dave….what goes around, comes around.

    My Mother always used to say..count your blessings and never judge, as you never know what lies ahead for your own family.

    Count your blessings, David Letterman and be ashamed of yourself for treating people RUDE…ON PURPOSE. Just because they are in your own territory being invited to be interviewed on your TV show…they cannot escape that chair. You should be ashamed of yourself.

  • LISA says:

    I forgot to say….I couldn’t see Jay Leno being so rude to the point of purposely harassing. Jay and Mavis have no children either. Jay just has more class.

    Children can be cruel to one another. Bullies can be very nasty to other children and I hope Harry never has to deal with that. It’s bad when your child is hurt by a bully…but to have an ADULT pick on a child ( yes I mean Paris Hilton )…now THAT IS BAD !!!!

    When David Letterman saw he was obviously hurting her to the point of frightening her…did he let up….NO !!! He badgered some more. He should be ashamed of himself. I’m sure Paris’ parents were not too happy with seeing what he was doing to their child.

    Jay Leno’s Mother evidently raised him better than David Letterman’s Mother taught him. GOOD MANNERS !!!! That is what David Letterman is lacking.

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