Angelina Jolie Shares A Story!

[youtube H00apInuAjg]

Angelina Jolie spoke at the Clinton Global Initiative meeting yesterday. Jolie shares an experience she had with two Syrian refugees.

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  • [...] knguyen wrote an interesting post today onHere’s a quick excerptAngelina Jolie spoke at the Clinton Global Initiative meeting yesterday. Jolie shares an experince she had with two Syrian refugees. [...]

  • Betsy says:

    Angie jolie should stay away on one of her far away “save the world” trips. She has NOOO talent and people who say she has are stupid. The same goes for “more Botox please”brad pitt. heisthepitts

  • me says:

    look, this woman has done some unfavorable things; but the story she shared is probably 1 of many that are the reasons y she’s doing most of the things she does outside this country. I admire her 4 having & showing character in this world of hypocricy; but I still can’t necessarily be a fan b/c she’s seems 2 be such a nasty B*tch 4 certain things. I say, she should stick 2 the humanitarian roll b/c it’s much easier 4 me 2 C her as that than a “hollywood celebrity” b/c it’s just not who she was meant 2 be. I do admire her 4 acting & reacting on behalf of people who can’t afford 2 do it 4 themselves.

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