Who Needs Reporters When You’ve Got Bodyguards!


Britney Spears’ former bodyguard Tony Barretto has given a statement toNews Of The World” accusing Britney with some serious allegations. Barretto claims in his statement to News Of The World that he believes Britney was under the influence of drugs and alcohol while with her children.

A Portion of Tony Barretto’s statement according to NewsOfTheWorld.co.uk:

She went on a date with musician Day, 26—who she’d met in rehab—telling her worried protection team she didn’t need them. Tony said: “We did security checks on Howie and told her he was trouble. But she ignored us.”

Hours later hysterical Britney, 25, called aides, claiming Day was refusing to let her leave their hotel room. Tony recalled: “She said she wanted to cancel the tour. She was very confused. We asked her if she was OK and reminded her she had a show to do. Then Howie came on the phone and started arguing with us. We knew we had to get to her fast.”

Tony raced to LA’s plush Mondrian Hotel with another bodyguard and Britney’s best friend and PA Alli Sims. When they got to their room they found the door open and an appalling scene inside.

Tony said: “We could see Britney all red-eyed from crying. Howie was lying in his boxers asleep on the bed. The hotel room was trashed.

“There were half-eaten plates of food everywhere. There were blankets all over the floor, clothes strewn everywhere. The trash was emptied everywhere over the floor.

“The entire place was littered with empty beer bottles and liquor bottles, small glasses of ice and cigarette butts everywhere.

“On the surface of the dresser, I could see mounds of white powder and a straw on top. I suspected it was cocaine or powdered methamphetamines.

“By the side I spotted a glass pipe, which I knew from my drugs training was often used with crystal meth.”

The drug has similar effects to amphetamine and ecstasy. Overdosing can cause heart failure. Tony went on: “I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.

To read the rest go to Newsoftheworld.co.uk


5 Responses to “Who Needs Reporters When You’ve Got Bodyguards!”

  • Anonymous says:

    Tater Tot is screaming his head off and the bitch is driving like she doesn’t give a fuck! Karma should give it to her up the ass!!
    ps: first!

  • cyn says:

    why in every pic I see of her kids they are crying? Your right anon I would have pulled over to make sure my kids were ok. Even if the pop. were taking my pic. My kids come first over ANYTHING.

  • Britney is a JOKE says:

    It’s about time people start coming forward & talking about what REALLY goes on in the life of Britney Spears. Not only that but also time she started suffering consequences for her horrible behavior.

    I feel so sorry for those boys. And the little one has all of the markings of a baby with fetal alcohol syndrome.

  • Jameston says:

    Those kids are on anti-depressants soon. I wonder if she knows what their names are in the morning?

  • Britnit says:

    If those kids could talk they would SCREAM: ADOPT ME NOW ANYONE!

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