Fishnetes And Boxers!


Some crazy photo’s have surfaced on the internet depicting boxer Oscar De La Hoya wearing a female fishnet body suit, pink panties, high heels and a wig! the photo’s are rumored to be fake but the agency that posted them are claiming they are real!

A stripper from Scores night club is claiming that she had a year-long affair with Del La Hoya and that she took the pictures, according to NYDN!

“She says she took the photos at the Ritz-Carlton in Philadelphia on May 17.”

“He wore size 9 ladies shoes. He also liked wearing thigh-high nylons. He liked sex games. He and the girl would sit in a chair that they’d pretend was a motorcycle. He’d pretend he was the girl on the back of motorcycle. She’d be the guy. He’d grab her around the waist and squeal, ‘Faster! Faster!’

Ey Coramba, can’t ya just stick to Levi’s and boxing Oscar!

Credit:NYDN ,Celebitchy

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