Britney Spears Shows The World Her Vajayjay Again After The VMA’s!


Rumor has it that after leaving the VMA’s in Las Vegas over the weekend, Britney Spears’ vajayjay was seen….AGAIN, Giving a statement to the press about Britney’s poor performance!!! ALSO,

Below is a video of a hard-core Britney Spears fan totally LOSING IT!ÂÂ

[youtube kHmvkRoEowc]

CAUTION:Video contains fowl language and is quite dramatic or histerical depending on if your a Britney fan or not. Entertainment/Splashnews

6 Responses to “Britney Spears Shows The World Her Vajayjay Again After The VMA’s!”

  • cyn says:

    ok this guys is either funny because he’s being sarcastic or just pathetic. Either way get a grip. She’s yesterdays news, could care less who’s life she fucks up, or what her fucking cunt looks like today, the same as yesterday worn and torn.

  • Adam says:

    …We ARE sure that was a guy?

  • Anonymous says:

    were are the tears you fucken faggot

  • erika says:

    see what drugs do to you first they turn you gay then you have a nervous break down.

  • Cypress says:

    I wonder how eager she is to show her old bum coochie again, now that she gets what the whole world has been telling her.. go away you crude, vulgar, slobbish pig?!

  • john mclovin says:

    this dude is a fuckin weirdo an is this guy has more problems then britney an half of hollywood is he like being serious or is it a publicity stunt???

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