Lindsay Wagner “The Bionic Woman” Celebrates Her Sons 21st Birthday!


Lindsay Wagner, the real Bionic Woman, celebrated her sons 21st birthday on Friday at Mr. Chows in Beverly Hills! Entertainment/Splashnews

16 Responses to “Lindsay Wagner “The Bionic Woman” Celebrates Her Sons 21st Birthday!”

  • SooAddicted says:

    So what?!?!

  • Margie says:

    She always looks great in white!

  • your momm says:

    ew. brittney you need to not eat so muchh and blagggggggggggggg

  • FirstStateDE says:

    Great picture, thanks for posting this. Lindsay is and always will be one of the best examples of kindness, beauty and talent. In this day of horrible stories from the entertainment industry becoming common place, this news is refreshing. Many of today’s “stars” could learn a thing or two from LW about putting their children first. Lindsay chose her children’s welfare over her career and seeing her with her son on his 21st birthday is the kind of news we need to see in today’s headlines, and from the looks of how happy they are she seems to have done something right.
    If things stay the way they are I really don’t think we will see pictures of Britney and her children celebrating anything together much less there 21st birthday! I hope I’m wrong.

  • nrthdude1 says:

    The women from the 1970′s TV were beautiful – Angie Dickinson, Lynda Carter, Lindsay Wagner, Kate Jackson, Jaclyn Smith, Farrah Fawcett, Chery Ladd, Suzanne Somers and Loni Anderson. These women were all very beautiful and very talented. I laughed when I heard that Drew Barrymore, Cameron Diaz and Lucy Liu were cast as Charlie’s Angels. They can’t hold a candle to the originals.

  • maggie tracz says:

    iI think Lindsay Wagner is the best,, i still watch her onthe bionic women i ordered the dvds, no one could ever replace her

  • Caryl Brown says:

    If ever Lindsay Wagner could have stayed young forever, She is always the best Bionic Woman ever. Nobody could replace her not even any young fresh girls with british accent could match her acting. Look happen now, NBC cancelled the new version of the Bionic Woman. Josh Wheldon could have hired a Lindsay Wagner look alike as the new Bionic Woman(2007) because of her sweet beauty but strong pesonality.

  • Soraya Taques says:

    I love so much Lindsay.She is very beautiful.

  • lorraine says:

    lyndsay wagner was the best looking woman i can remember ,and one hell of an actress,you dont see anyone who can compare to her anymore.

  • Jayne marsh says:

    That’s a lovley pic Miss thAt kinda closeness with my mum the bionic woman was brilliant I did not like the new remake nothing could beat Lindsay brilliant actress

  • Gioconda R. Simmonds says:

    Lindsay is one heck of a beautiful and classy woman. I’m currently reliving my childhood watching “The Bionic Woman” DVDs. She has aged gracefully and will always be admired. We still love you!

  • Melanie says:

    I’m watching an old Rockford Files with Lindsay Wagner, and it’s amazing how much she (back then) and Alicia Silverstone (90′s), look alike! they’re both beautiful!

  • Mr. Burns says:

    Melanie – I just watched The Paper Chase (1973) and I had the same exact thought: Lyndsay then looked like the slightly older sister of 90′s Alicia Silverstone.

  • Lisa Riffey says:

    Lindsay Wagner has truly been an inspiration. I watched her on the Bionic Woman growing up,and yes I am still watching her in my late 40 ‘s.She is beautiful and amazing.

  • Kamran Bangash says:

    LW was really beautiful. My heart sank when I saw her older.
    Wish she could always stay young with her beautiful smile on her face.

  • Philip Ross Hawes says:

    Mr. Burns, I agree with you.

    Maybe Alicia Silverstone should be the new Bionic Woman? :)
    Or maybe she could be the Seven Million Dollar Woman…

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