Britney Spears VMA Performance, Hit Or Miss?




[youtube ihH6TpxPcRI]

Britney Spears looked like she was still rehearsing! Girl forgot to take her Red Bull before getting on stage!

Click here for video of performance/TMZ

Click here for video performance/PopSugar

57 Responses to “Britney Spears VMA Performance, Hit Or Miss?”

  • Brittany says:

    What on god’s green earth was that? I seriously thought it was a joke the whole time i was watching it and I thought they were showing us her rehearsal. I am officially convinced she is on something. How can someone who is such an amazing performer and who is sooo talented turn into what she is now!?? I’m so confused…there has to be something really wrong that we dont know about cuz no one changes to that extent unless they are on some crazy shit.

  • Angelic says:

    IT WAS EMBERASING!!! i felt bad for her the whole time and the singing at the end she wasent even tring to keep up with the cd. we all knew she didnt sing live. but we all looked the other way because she put on a great sho and some times is hard to do both at the same time. but she did none of the 2 this time. the exhubby could have done a better job. Britney is defenetly OVER!!!!

  • anonymous says:

    You know to tell you the truth, she did better than I thought she’d do. We’ve all seen how she’s been acting for a long time now, all of her very bizarre behavior, and considering that, I thought things would be even worse than they were tonight.

  • Jerry says:

    Britney is under so much strees, it seems that everyone keeps forgetting about that. She has so much on her plate right now. For example: Kevin, child custody battle, countless critics that wont leave her alone. Yes, her performance seemed a little rusty but i’m just glad she came out with new music and performed at the awards. You never know whats really going on cause ur not her. And im sure shes not on drugs.

  • Angeleyes says:

    Even after all of her screw ups, there is a part of you that still wants to root for her and hope she can overcome. But what the heck was that? She looked bored with herself! MTV handed her a gift by allowing her to open the show, and she did absolutely nothing but stumble around the stage and forget the lyrics to her own song. She looked dazed and confused throughout the entire performance. I think even the die hard Brit fans will agree that it’s probably over. She only fueled the tabloid fire with this fiasco. On one hand, you feel sorry for her. On the other hand, she can’t blame anyone but herself this time.

  • na says:

    I figured she was lip singing but had hoped she would dance something amazing. I was disappointed with both. She did though clena up well esp. with everything going on. I think she will do fine. It was teh 1st performance in awhile and she has a lot on her plate.

  • juan carlos says:

    I don’t think it was Britney. If you look carefully at her top teeth in paparazzi photos, they are completely straight. This performer does not have perfectly straight top teeth. Watch the performance carefully again. Regardless of how good or bad the performance was, you have to admit, it is the talk of the VMAs this year. Hence we are all here discussing it. Also, Sarah Silverman..WTF? It’s one thing to crack a joke about an adult, but come on, leave the kids out of it. That’s low. Jeers to her and MTV for doing that.

  • Poop says:

    You guys are giving Britney too much credit! Yes, she has been under a lot of stress latley , but she didn’t HAVE to be there! She should stay home for a while, rest, and be away from the public eye.

  • na says:

    Can’t stand Silverman! One of the worse comedians there are. I noticed she didn’t have harsh words for 50 or any rappers… she knew she would get her asz kicked.

  • Beverlee says:

    It is so sad to see , What has happened to Britney, she has done everything possiable to destroy her career as an artist. I think she is rebelling against everything that she used to be, and will not listen to the people that love her. This is a person bent on destruction no matter how you look at it, and at 25 in that business she is getting old. I hope the next stunt is not taking her own life, she really needs help, I hope she gets it ,before it is to late.

  • David says:

    All I can say…. WTF?

  • Narcissos says:

    Hmm..That was very interesting performance..I feel that she was little scared about audience’s reaction…and there were parts where she did came out as an old Britney..I love her new song…and I hoped so much that this performance could give a good boost do it..and give a sight of her fantastic dancing!!!But it didn’t started at all.I’m not talking about her troubles now but as an artist you should respect your fans and your audience..and give all your best to this case she did disapointed me..But i did see a light in that dark tunnel of hers..and maybe this was her way to show that she is trying to come up again..and remainding us what she was all about before this HUGE fuzz of her personal life..I definetely will miss her if she ends her career..but I don’t think that’s going to happen..

    But the jokes on her was so lame and sooooo hit under the belt…
    Let’s see what will happen next..I’m waiting the video now..and ofcourse the album..She has bring so many happy moments to me with her music and dancing..

  • him says:

    lol !!!! no comment

  • To be honest, I think she was set up to fail. As I wrote at my blog, there were just so many factors stacked against her. MTV had to know what they were dealing with, still they got good ratings which means good advertising dollars. I give her credit for not pulling the diva and dropping out.

  • Oh boy says:

    I felt embarassed for Britney. It’s just too bad for her…poor girl.

  • Paula says:

    The worst part was when she grabbed the male dancer’s crotch. The best part is when she ended the routine with her back to the audience, then turned around and grinned when she was applauded. I bet she would have just left if she was booed. I’m wondering why her hair extensions looked so dirty at the roots.

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  • Em says:

    Britney Spears is white trash, always was, always will be.

    She hit the peak of her performing prime when she was on Mickey Mouse and has gone consistently downhill since… Her singing is horrendous, her dance moves are out-played and poorly executed, and she has the IQ of my right flip flop.

    In my opinion, she should take the money she’s made, invest it wisely, and go learn how to be a proper mother.

    What a horrible thing for our children to grow up idolizing.

  • Britney is a JOKE says:

    I can’t believe the people who are making EXCUSES for her. (She is under so much stress, she lives under a microscope, she had a bad year, Sarah was making fun of her) – - Puhleeze. How about the truth?

    Put a fork in her beer belly. She is done.

    (Not to mention the laughing stock of the world today). All the money can’t change that fact. At least I have the real love & respect of family & friends & community. Brit, not so much.

  • KingBob says:

    SAD….SAD…SAD performance. The song has on-air potential but she had to be “on” something; she looked like a zombie. And she’s had 2 kids; she doesn’t have the old bod anymore so she needs to quit showing it off.

  • Dee Spears says:

    Poor Britney! She’s really gone and done it this time! She was given an opportunity to revive her career and instead of doing something with it, she firmly nailed her coffin shut- career wise! She has lost her figure, singing and dancing abilities and with this latest fiasco, public opinion of her is at all time low! She should invest the money she made in the past wisely and stay out of the public eye for a very long time! She has alienated everyone- including her own mother. This all reminds me of Whitney Houston- once incredibly popular and talented, married beneath her, got hooked on god knows what, now a laughing stock. Sometimes I’m embarrassed that I have the same last name as Britney. Girl- you and Lindsay should go find a deserted island to hide on until everyone forgets your antics!

  • Chris says:

    I think she just looked nervous ::GASP!:: A CELEBRITY NERVOUS?!? Why celebrities aren’t people!!! They can’t have real emotions!!! I mean so what that she hasn’t been on stage in four years and she had to get up in front of tons of people who constantly criticize her? Nervous?! psssssh! I think she looked DAMN good for having two kids she was gorgeous…. Also you can make fun of someone as much as you want (whatever makes you feel better about yourself) But attacking her kids!? That’s a LOWWWWWWWWW blow. That literally made me wanna vomit how can you talk about a child in that way? Britney’s such a horrible parent how dare she feed her kids and clothe them and love them… Because she’s clearly the worst mother ever it’s not like people abandon their kids or beat them or anything no no… what Britney does is much worse than all that…

  • befi&juli says:

    we thought she was shite.
    she was an embarrassment and she could have least tried since they gave her fucking airtime.
    i dont wanna watch a half arsed performance. give me a bit of jay tee & FIDDY!

  • Paul says:

    We are no longer waiting for her demise. She has finally killed her career. This is what happens to young stars who do not mature. She is a flop of an entertainer, a flop of a mother, and a flop as a women.

    My only wish is that the media just quits talking about her now and focus on someone decent. I am tired of the spears/lohan/hilton/ritchie girls gossip and media hype.

    Lets all move on and find some one else to hype up who isn’t a train wreck.

  • Maya says:

    I still don’t know why Britney would put herself out there after all that has happened in her personal life. It was obvious to everyone that she was not ready to handle this performance. From the looks of it, perhaps she doesn’t even want to do this anymore, and she is going ahead with it anyway because it’s all she knows.

    Motherhood should have changed Britney for the better. She needs to submerge herself completely and exclusively into raising those two beautiful children she brought into this world. She will make a stronger comeback and a positive impression on society if she only put her heart and soul into her role as a mom.

  • vanessa says:

    she was terrible. shes a washed up has-been and needs to focus on her kids. and she could have at least hit the gym and tightened up a few areas before displaying herself like that. i mean look at the effort beyonce puts into her performances and shes amazing.

  • brenda m says:

    im sorry..but i loved it!!! yea she was a little nervous.i mean who wouldnt be..especially with the rough critics nowadays!!! but other than that..she looks hott for someones whos had 2 kids..i love the new song too..i have it on my myspace lol..anywayssss..STOPPPP HATINGGGGGGGGGG

  • rachel says:

    OMG she was terrible. it was totally obviouse that she was on drugs. she forgot the words to her own song wasn’t dancing. i have never like brit so i was soooooo happy that she fucked up. she is just white trash and needs to get clean so she can take care of her family

  • Kelly L says:

    Oh My God i feel so sorry for Brit, it looked like she was as nervous has hell.
    She seemed to be more worried about what her so called “peers” of the music industry would think of her than just letting go and enjoying herself. I cant belive how people are rubbishing her on the state of he figure either, i think that as a mother of 2 babies under 3yrs old she looks GREAT. KEEP GOING BRITNEY !!!

  • Vanessa says:

    She is just too sad to look at. I may be a nobody and I wont be believed but I knew one of her bodyguards and she used drugs. He had to escort her dealers in all the time. I thought because she had kids maybe she had cleaned herself up but she is just a junky going down hill. It’s almost like watching Anna Nicole Smith all over again. It’s a good thing she wasn’t really singing cause then you would of heard the words being slurred.

  • jenn says:

    soooo…. i was rooting for miss spears… what the hell??? i give up! less lip sync-ing, more rehabing… and more cloth.. you can afford it!!

  • jessica says:

    omg! people leave her alone i think everyone is just tearing her up… anyone aware of the fact that she had 2 kids back to back and she looks like that and then u have the nerve to say anything about her weight? show me a mom who looks better than her show me.

  • John says:

    Let’s concentrate on REAL performers and singers! Christina can sing and is dedicated, Beyonce can sing and yes, Whitney had her problems too, but she can sing! Britney is a spoiled brad in my opinion. She lives on 700.000 a month (and more) and not giving back to her fans. She doesn’t even takes good care of her kids. We all pay for her sorry *ss. Wake up! Most people have jobs and can barely get by. Teachers are underpaid. Nurses too. And we feel sorry for this girl???? She has a lot of growing up to do and needs to give instead of taking!!!

  • We still love you britney!

  • erika says:

    i thought it was really good so what if she didnt move that much but you have to understand she had two kids and she oviously does not look the same

  • What-Eh-Vuh says:

    It’s not like you can “call in” just before the VMAs…ya know…”I have a head and chest thing..need a day off…be back tomorrow”. LOL…no, she signed the deal and had to show up. But MAN was she SO NOT READY! I felt sick just watching her. At least 15 minutes before she got up there, she HAD to know she was going to BOMB! She was NOT rehearsed, NOT mentally prepared, NOT professional, NOT talented, NOT interesting and NOT even LIP SYNCHING! For God’s sake honey – if ya can’t even fake it any more, it’s time to GET OUT! You figured that out pretty quickly in your marriage…time to apply that new knowledge to your CAREER. It’s OVUH.

    America needs a new chapter and a new set of young adults that growing kids can look up to. REAL idols with a positive image and message. Time to moth-ball one trainwreck known as Britney Spears and RUN in the opposite direction. I swear to God, she’s even boring in the tabloids now. I’ve seen everything, including her c-section scar and shaved coochie…there’s NOTHING LEFT TO SEE HERE…MOVE ALONG PEOPLE! Point the cameras somewhere else, shut down all the blogs, go read the Sigfried and Roy “tell all” and give us something INTERESTING for a change. Just please…PLEASE, for GOD’S SAKE…NO MORE BRITNEY!!! GAAAA!!!!

  • cyn says:

    Jessiaca I know plenty of moms that look a hell of a lot better than her and don’t have to dress like a hooker. She brought most of this stuff on herself. I didn’t have much of an opinion on her until I heard how she speaks in front of her children. That made me lose all respect for her (not that I had any in the first place). You should never call someone a fat bitch in front of your kids, if she’ll say that what else will she do around them. I feel really sorry for those kids that’s the only reason I have an opinion on her. She needs to leave it alone and go attempt to be a good mother for once. Her spotlight has gone out time to pay attention to what really matters.

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  • I perform in a canton based local rock band in Ohio, and I have to say that this was one of the worst “performances” I’ve ever seen in my life. I’ve been playing gigs for almost 20 years and never in my life have I embarassed myself or my bandmates as badly as that. When we do a show it’s 30-40 songs in one night we have to perform correctly, and she only had to do one?!?! And couldn’t even do that!!!! Stop making excuses for her. She’s supposed to be a professional. And you can’t say “if you think you can do better then do it” because I do… often. She has no talent, never has had any. Somehow she fooled alot of people just like Milli Vanilli did in the 80′s or 90′s I don’t remember exactly.. They were a joke also. A live performance is supposed to be LIVE… no backup tapes, no lip syncing… LIVE. If you can’t sing live, then don’t pretend to be a singer. And as for her not knowing the lyrics to her own song?!?!? That answers my question from years ago… she doesn’t write her own songs either. She can’t… never in my whole life have I forgotten the lyrics to one of my own songs that I’ve written and I’ve written over 35 of them. Time to retire Britney and give that recording contract to someone who actually deserves it.

  • DeeWarner says:

    First off I think if she was really nervous she could have exacuted the reason why before she even went out on stage. She is half naked on stage ( which was acceptable 3 yrs ago when she didnt have kids and going through a custody battle ) she definetly should have worn a more covering but yet sexually appealling outfit, just cause she is a mom doesnt mean she cant be sexy any more she just cant be slutty and get away with it. I was even embarrassed watching her up there i was embarrassed for her I was thinking to myself WHAT IS SHE DOING. You know I wonder if she is destroying herself on purpose hmmmmmmmm

  • Leanna says:

    I have been a Britney fan since i was real young. I remember watching the Mickey Mouse Club and watching her grow up to be a wonderful entertainer. These last few years, I have continued by her side and rooted her on, but this stunt with the VMAs has made me very wary about keeping the faith in her career. I understand that she is going through a lot of things right now, but when it comes to making your money and keeping your fans happy, you have to keep your emotions and your drama backstage. I don’t know if she was drunk or on painkillers, but it looked like she was at rehearsal and she looked like she didn’t care about this life anymore. I have been doing performing arts since I was 2 years old and when it comes to winning a competiton or putting on a show, you are taught and trained to give everything you have and like every other human being going through crap in their life you leave it at home or backstage. I hope she gets out of this slump, but Britney drop the bottle, pick up your life as mom and do the job you have been given and do it to the best you can do. Fuck K-Fed and his money hungry crap! Don’t give the press more fuel than they already have on you and move on and make your life better than before. If you want your fans to stand by you, work out, get your mind and body back to where it was before and kick some ass babe! :)

  • cyn says:

    I use to be in dance and theater for many years and I never even had a rehersal that dreadfull. The only thing she has ever had going for her when she was younger was the fact that she had a good body, she’s not a singer and her dance moves are repetitive. Don’t really get it but here I’m am myself talking about the idiote. So guess she’s done something right.

  • CarryMe says:

    Well, here’s the thing: As adults, we accept responsibility for our own actions (if, for no other reason, because the government holds us accountable for them). Britney seems to labor under the misconception that her publicist(s) and management will consistently rescue her image after she attempts to publicly massacre it. This latest stunt should impact her career greatly, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. It may just be the thing that opens her eyes to her downhill slide. And yes, it’s sad to say, but folks, she is a mother and a grown woman. Let’s stop making excuses for her. No one makes excuses for us when we f**k up.

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  • Britt says:

    i thought it wasnt her best performance but it was ok… far as her looks im sorry u try to have 2 kids within a 1 and a half and let me see ur body after that I thought she looked great in her outfit for just haveing 2 kids

  • Angie says:

    i think that MTV has noticed a decline in the amount of people watching the VMAs, know why? Because they are showcasing stars the ‘new’ generation doesnt care about. Fans have given up on the ‘real’ pop scene and the VMAs in my opinion have lost SO MUCH credibility in the last few years.

    So why did MTV open with Britney Spears? Because they knew millions of people would tune in to watch how her first performance in years would go ‘considering’ her CONSTANT tabloid coverage. She hasnt goten a break from the start. First she was too innocent to too sexual TOO fast, then she was just TOO sexual, then her relationship with Federnuts was covered non stop, her pregnancy, and ultimate lead up to divorce and now her court dates… etc etc… its kinda like someone following you about with a camera ALL day not even leaving you alone long enough to use the toilet…

    All in all, she did better than i would have expected, she was sluggish (due to her excess weight, if you watch her old videos she was very small and muscularly toned) and she did seem slightly off cue. Well i guess 3-4 years of crap would do that to ya. I think she wasnt ready, but her label probably pushed her to perform considering recent reports that her label has threatened her into believing this is her ‘last shot’ at a pop career and they are the ones taking a chance on her. Obviously she looks curvy and sluggish, 2 kids can do that to ya. I am sure when her new album and video/s come out we might see a different side of her, more toned and flexible, and more dedicated to the work shes putting in. Right now i think shes just scared shes going to lose her kids to that hickbilly dumbass money monger…

  • Jesse says:

    I am not a big fan of Britney. I do like her music though. I really feel that it is a shame that is models/celeb’s/etc are too skinny they have an eating disorder and if they are large or in some cases at a healthy weight they are just Fat. What is the perfect weight??!! Britney had 2 babies within a very short period of time and slimmed back down, maybe not down to the body she once had, but the reality of that is that SHE HAD KIDS!!! Hello!!!! You get a baby belly afterwards no matter how thin you get. People are way to critical of her very barely there stomach. So her performance wasn’t that great. So what. Many womens self esteem drops to all time lows after having kids and it can fluctuate significantly (from great one day to no self esteem the next). She was probably very self-conscious because she wasn’t coming back with the body she used to have, of having been out of the business for a while, and of all the negative publicity surrounding her.
    Let someone tell you how fat, lazy, drunken, and whatever else she has been called and then lets see how well you perform in front of an audience. I may not agree with all of her actions and may not have loved her performance, but in reality who the hell really cares! It was one not so great show. Get over it!! And it definitely doesn’t justify the fat sack of potatoes pictured above in a bikini, where someone was trying to symbolize her.

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  • Dick Stroker says:

    Has anybody ever heard Britney Spears sing live? Meaning have you heard actual sounds come out her mouth? Every performance I’ve ever seen, she’s lip syncing – no sound comes out her mouth. I don’t believe she can sing, period. Her performances past and present are a farce. Anyone can train to dance around a stage, but can you really sing. I’d like to see her sing just once “a-cappela” – live – without any crap playing in the background. I’d bet a year’s salary she has no singer’s voice and sounds like the pig she’s turned into physically.

    Venture to say she’s just another Milli Vanilli that has fooled everyone.

  • Yellowscarf says:

    Here she is ‘a cappella’ and she’s absolutely horrible. Of course if you’ve ever heard Michael Jackson ‘a cappella’ he’s horrible too. Amazing what a sound engineer can do with a horrible voice.

  • a cappella says:

    Watch it here:

  • Skyfall says:

    See Britney sing a cappella on YouTube – pitiful. Amazing what a sound engineer can do with such a poor voice.

  • patty frm says:

    Brtitney does not think right in the things she does, she almost turning 26 and she hasn’t had a good behavior for the adult she is, she is not a teenager anymor, so what she needs to do right now, is stop acting like a teenager who just had two kids and doesn’t know how to raise them. Well, I don’t know how her family is dealing with all this, but she really needs help, it’s not just her n this situation, there are two children,who have no fault for being born by such an irresponsable women, at state.
    i really think britney should just stop this career, she looks like shereally does not even know waht singing and dancing is, she has other things to worri about, and she cannot do it all at the same time.
    Damn, I’m only 15, shes 10 mor year then me, and i believe I’m more responsable then her !

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