Britney Spears Goes Shopping At Lisa Kline For Kids!



Britney Spears took cousin Alli Sims shopping at Lisa Kline for Kids yesterday! Guess Britney wanted to buy some new clothes for Sean Preston and Jayden James before the big trip to Las Vegas for Brit’s Big comeback at the MTV Video Music Awards! Entertainment/Splashnews

3 Responses to “Britney Spears Goes Shopping At Lisa Kline For Kids!”

  • Britney is Pathetic says:

    Big Comeback???? What a joke you reporters are. No one except her handful of fans & the paparazzi give a sh!t about Britney. So many other online entertainment sites are saying that she will get BOOED at the VMA’s. Now just to see that, I will watch.

    The only thing she is good at is dancing (sort of). She can’t sing live, she doesn’t sound good without the help of studio equipment – why is she such a big to do?

    Whatever, no one cares & all you have to do is read comments to see that.

  • DontLikeHerMuch says:

    Right on, sister!

  • you are so gay britney nobody likes you but all the guys that take you to bed

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