Unofficial Britney Spears Song “Baby Boy”…Who’s Song Is It?

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Who’s song is it? There is an unofficial release of a Britney Spears’ song “Baby Boy making it’s rounds on the net. There is a singer named Kim Ross with a MySpace page who sings a similar song called “Beautiful Lies!” What do you think folks? So who was first? Listen and decide!!!

37 Responses to “Unofficial Britney Spears Song “Baby Boy”…Who’s Song Is It?”

  • Wauw says:

    Aint that a bitch.
    Too similsr. Waaaaay too similar.
    Brit did not write the songs though,,did she?? She probably has no idea.. If I were her..I’de scrap it right the fuck now.
    Kim Ross is a cute girl. ..but that particular song is still boring and gay no mater how you look at it.

  • Jen says:

    I actually like Kim’s version… Britney’s stinks. What a shame. I also have a feeling that Brit stole without knowing.

  • Sandy says:

    Kim kicks solid ass. Britney needs a solid kick in the ass.

  • ginger says:

    Britney can’t sing. Britney cant act, britney cant think….But she can steal some songs….its probably not the first. that bitch is too rich to care.
    Kim should kick her in the !@#$%^

  • Toby says:

    Kim is the shit,

    guess britney was just ‘too slow’ to notice,

    or perhaps she was conscious of kim

    questions, questions, questions…

  • Z says:

    I hope Kim’s lawyer is drawing up the law suit against Britney as I write this, because she definitely had the song first & her version kicks ass over Britney’s anyway!

  • Jim says:

    Deary me…if Britney really *had* gone onto some crumby wannabe, unsigned signer’s MySpace and stolen the song, Kim would be suing her right now. It would have headlines.

    It’s more likely that she was either given permission to sample the song and Kim’s using this as some cheap publicity by not coming clean…OR…the “Britney” song is a fake…again, maybe being used by Kim as a cheap publicity stunt.

    If you listen carefully, it doesn’t even soung like Britney, it’s too deep and there is no inflection in her voice.

    Miss Britney Spears has access to the world’s best writers/producers, her official new song is produced by Danja and remixed to feature T.I. – she’s responsible for hits such as “Everytime” (written by herself), “Toxic” (written by Cathy Dennis), “Outrageous” (written by R Kelly) “Early Mornin’” (written by Moby), “I’m Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman” (written by Dido), “Boys” (written by and featuring Pharell), “I’m a Slave” (written by and produced by the Neptunes)…why would she need to steal anything?!

    Everybody’s entitled to their own opinion about her, but this kind of story is just unfair.

    1) Kim Ross has never acknowledged or denied that she has given Britney permission.
    2) Britney has never confirmed that “Baby Boy” is even her singing, let along claimed it’s her song.
    3) Her actual new song sounds NOTHING like it.

  • Jim says:

    ..she turned down “Umbrella” when it was offered to her, which was eventually picked up by Rihanna and became one of the biggest hits of the year. I sincerely doubt that after being confident enough to turn that song down, she would sit for hours scowering the internet to find Kim-Who-Are-You-Ross’s obscure, less than 4000 fans MySpace account and decide to steal her music without permission!!

    Britney is managed by a massive, massive team of people. From the rehersals of the VMA’s, her new performance is being hailed as “amazing”, her new song is getting air play constantly…she ain’t no two bit jock busking in New York!

    Get a grip, the lot of you.

  • Jim says:

    I honestly do not believe that “Baby Boy” is a Britney Spears song. It doesn’t even feature on her new MySpace, whereas “Gimme More” does.

    So. There!

  • Sandy says:

    Kim is not suing because she is focused on her music, not drama. She didn’t even realize Britney recorded “Baby Boy” until it had already been released on the net. We are not sure who is responsible for the similarities in both songs. I personally think the producer may be to blame, but I’m highly suspicious of Britney’s singing style. She, to me, sounds like she’s is trying to emulate Kim’s style.

  • Jim says:

    Yes, Sandy, multi-million selling Britney Spears is trying to emulate unsigned Kim Ross. Britney has been around, singing in that style since 1998.

    “Baby Boy” isn’t Britney, it’s probably Kim – that’s why it sounds like her. She’s probably done it all for publicity. I’m so fed up with this, I’M CONTACTING BRITNEY’S RECORD COMPANY TO TELL THEM WHAT’S BEING SAID, let’s let Britney’s legal team sort it out and let’s see how soon Kim starts telling the truth knowing that.

    “Too focused on her music” – are you some kind of imbecile?! Do you have no connection to the real world at all?!!?

    If Kim Ross sued Britney Spears, the most searched for celebrity on Yahoo, Britney Spears who earns $700,000 a month even when doing no work, not only would she make a large amount of money, she would raise her profile massively. It would be in her best interest to sue Britney if she really had stolen her song.

    Sandy, you’re Kim Ross’s number 1 friend on MySpace, you’re bound to stick up for her no matter what. FYI, Kim’s deleted your messages on MySpace that said “she recorded it first”, sign of a guilty conscience???

    “Producers” aren’t magical little creatures who can steal samples from artists without them even knowing. The “producer” wouldn’t even have access to to tune without permission. It’s a transparent publicity stunt.

    Anyway, let’s see what Britney’s legal team say.

  • Shelly says:

    I have to say I agree with Jim. Kim should tell the truth.

  • Toby Mac says:

    Listen bitches Brit does sing Baby Boy and did not steal it of of Kim Toss.

    Kims only had it on her site since April and she probably didn’t write it herself.

    Brits gonna rock.

  • Tammi says:

    Da songs shit no matter who sings it. Britney ent gunna release that crap officially coz it wunt be a hit. So what she did her own version of someones shit song and made it shitter…its like only a demo.

    Sandy babes if it ent gunna be a hit for Britney, it most certainly ent gunna be a hit for whatsherface either…get over it love.

  • me says:

    i think its brit singing but i don’t think she stole it!

  • JC says:

    I emailed Kim, and this is the response I got…

    .the reason why ms. spears an i have similar tracks is because we worked with the same producer..i got hold of the track first by the producer, but britney also liked the track and like any smart producer would do, he didn’t mention anything to her and let her use it as well!..thats the story… that is all… no big deal.

  • Jim says:

    Well in that case she should stop her sister posting all over the internet i.e. YouTube, Metrolyrics etc, telling everyone that Britney stole the song from Kim!!! Talk about casting aspersions!

    Britney should sue her, not the other way around!!

  • Sandy says:

    And what would Brit Brit sue her for? Having a dipshit sister? Maybe I should sue you for reading too many celebrity tabloid sites.

  • Jim says:

    Good for you Sandy, when in doubt, go for the personal attack. Brilliant strategy. Lovely woman.

  • Sandy says:

    “are you some kind of imbecile?! Do you have no connection to the real world at all?!!?”

    Would it have been different if I put a question mark at the end of my sentence?

  • Jim says:

    Well you answered my question, didn’t you? You freely admit you’re a dipshit.

  • C-House says:

    Jim is a fag.

  • Baxter says:

    “From the rehersals of the VMA’s, her new performance is being hailed as “amazing”…”

    Was it everything you hoped it would be jim? Was it amazing? Was it grand?

    That shit was horrible.

  • Jim says:

    Baxter, I’m a Britney fan. I enjoyed the performance despite it not being one of her best. I don’t particularly mind if you enjoyed it and that really isn’t the point of this thread.

    As for C-House, homophobia is not big or clever. However, from the fact that the comments by C-House and Baxter were left within 9 minutes of one another, I wouldn’t be surprised if it were Sandy.

  • Toby Mac says:

    Sandy says:

    “Would it make a difference if I put a question mark at the end of my sentence?”

    Course it would ones a question and ones a statement – jeez dude your not doing yourself any favours.

  • Baxter says:

    So since my post and C-House’s were within 9 minutes of each other, that makes both of us Sandy? Jim, your post was left within 12 minutes of mine, so does that make you Sandy too? Sandy’s last post was almost a full 24 hours before C-House’s. Looks like she left this argument a while ago and yet you have a 12 minute turnaround on your responses. Dude, get a life. Why get all defensive about some person you don’t know? Let alone a person who by all accounts appears to be a completely disconnected and destructive person. At least it appears that Sandy knows Kim or is friends with her or something, seeing as how she is her number one friend on myspace, as you pointed out. Oh wait, that’s right it’s her fucking sister. She’s defending a family member and you’re defending Britney Spears.

    So yeah, C-House calling you a fag was wrong. He should have just called you a loser and left it at that.

    And for Toby Mac:
    Sandy’s question, “Would it make a difference if I put a question mark at the end of my sentence?” was a rhetorical one pointing out how ironic and it was that Jim was accusing her of turning to personal attacks when he himself had done the same to her a few posts earlier with his “are you some kind of imbecile?! Do you have no connection to the real world at all?!!?” remarks. You see, these two questions by Jim are also rhetorical and used in this case to insult. Hence the irony. You retard.

  • Jim says:

    I was asking Sandy whether she was some kind of imbecile, not telling her she was. That’s the difference. My questions were not rhetorical whatsoever, I actually couldn’t believe what I’d read.

    As for having pointless arguments, why are you even arguing with me?! Sandy and I were actually talking about something specific. You’ve joined in simply for the sake of joining in.

    Why am I defending someone I don’t know? Let me repeat, I’m a fan of Britney Spears – I don’t particularly mind what you think about her.

    The reason I minded what Sandy was saying is because she was accusing her of doing something she didn’t do i.e. stealing somebody else’s song. Sandy was even insinuating that her sister had written the song, which it turns out isn’t the case anyway!

    I don’t think it’s right to call anybody a thief or a liar without any evidence or reason. It’s malicious.

    It appears that since that issue was resolved and I finally got Sandy to admit that her accusations were false (which was the original reason for the argument), it seems that I got a whole bunch of people calling me a loser, a fag or to get a life.

    Personally, I don’t see the point of those statements…to use your argument, none of you guys know me, so why bother insulting me?

    I’m not going to argue with you over nothing. I don’t know you and there is no reason.

  • Sandy says:


    *sigh* For fucksake, let_it_go. Kim Ross did indeedily write ‘Beautiful Lies’ yet relied on a producer for the beats and production value. I still believe Britney’s song sounds suspiciously like my sisters. Even if she doesn’t think it’s a big deal, I sorta do. Is this not a trashy celebrity tabloid site? Am I not allowed to even question Britney’s integrity? Yes, I on occasion suffer from the basic human condition… dipshitery. At least I can admit to it. You on the other hand, continue to karate chop a putrid and decaying horse while insisting that you found Britney’s VMA performance enjoyable. Yowzas. I am now convinced that you are just out of your gord.

  • Jim says:

    Sandy, why don’t *you* drop it? That ended ages ago in my opinion, now I’m simply defending myself against insults and homophobic jibes from random strangers.

    I’m not “insisting” that I found it enjoyable – I was questioned on it once and answered it once…let me repeat again, I’m a Britney fan. That’s not something I’m going to argue about because that was never the issue. So you didn’t enjoy it? Okay. Fair enough. You’re flogging a dead horse.

    I can admit to being an idiot in situations when I am one. Not when individuals become nasty simply because they’re on the defensive or have been proven wrong.

    On all other matters Britney related, let’s just agree to disagree.

    You think I’m a fag, loser and idiot, fair enough. I happen to think that you aren’t a particularly nice person. We’re individuals with individual thoughts and feelings. You aren’t better than me, your opinions are not more valid or correct than mine and vice versa.

    Again, let’s just agree to disagree.

  • Sandy says:

    Fair enough. BTW, I never called you a fag, loser, or an idiot.

  • cyn says:

    Ok Jim creaps me out!

  • Toby Mac says:

    Jeez you always get one who wont just let it go. Cyn dude that ended get over it!

    Your the freak dude just let it go.

  • Michael says:

    hahaha this is hilarious! Jim you need to get a life dude and Britney Spears did not turn down that Umbrella track…

  • Michael says:

    I am a cunt.

  • oscar says:

    that girl Kim is a fucking liar she stole the song from britney because Eminem is the producer of the song what a fucking rat/

  • Toby Mac says:

    Ha ha! Loves it Oscar.

  • Toby Mac says:

    FYI Britney did turn down Umbrella. Google it dude.

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