Katharine Mcphee “We Are Ellis Island”


Katharine Mcphee:

Descended from Irish, Scottish and German immigrants, I honor
America’s connection to people from all over the world. I see
myself as part of a larger global family and believe in the
importance of its shared history. Thanks to the hard work of many
before me, my dreams are becoming reality. With every song I
sing, I share another piece of myself with my growing, extended
family. I proudly support Save Ellis Island and preserving the
birthplace of so many great American stories.


3 Responses to “Katharine Mcphee “We Are Ellis Island””

  • Katharine McPhee is a beautiful and articulate spokesperson for our organization. We very proud to have her represent us. Click the link to read more about us. To watch and hear Katharine sing “This land is your land”, click the video link on the right of the linked page.

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