Brannon Castleberry’s Star Studded Birthday Bash At Club Vice In Hollywood!




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Young Hollywood broke out the champagne last night to celebrate Brannon Castleberry’s 24th birthday bash at Hollywood’s new hot spot Club Vice! Paris Hilton, Jenna Jameson,”The Sons Of Hollywood‘s” David Weintraub and Sean Stewart, Jason Davis, Devon Aoki and all of his close friends were in attendance! Happy Birthday Brannon!!!

10 Responses to “Brannon Castleberry’s Star Studded Birthday Bash At Club Vice In Hollywood!”

  • Anonymous says:

    who is this guy?

  • Paula says:

    that’s what I was wondering.

  • H says:


    Looks like a bunch of doped out wanna-be hot folks.

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  • brent howell says:

    hey baba good job

  • Uwannaknow says:

    He’s a little known feller from the hills of Arkansas – a little nothing town called Jessieville.

  • yo momma says:

    He’s a young man with a big heart and has the courage to follow his dreams.

  • Debbie says:

    I and some friends met Brannon Castleberry in ///hollywood and was just to great,everyone knew him,he hooked us up to meet stars,..he’s no wannabe,,,,,,,,by the way I’v lost your e-mail ,so e-mail me as we’ve got plans to come out

  • jnt says:

    Hey! How dare H and Uwannaknow say that bc is a nobody. He is at a better place than you i bet. as for this hick town you were describing, if it’s so small, how would you know about it? (stalker??? sorry, that’s not my place to judge)FYI, i know bc personally and i will be sure to let him and his friends( the rich, famous, and powerful ones) see your jealous and nasty commet! As for those like yo mamma and Debbie, it’s nice to know that there are still kind people out there.

  • =) says:

    actually jnt that is his mother the people up there was asking who and where he was from and she told them now talk about my mom again and actually to hollywood people jeesieville is a unknown town now think before u say something

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