The Daily Puke!


Britney Winehouse!(SeriouslyOMG!WTF)

Lindsay Lohan sued!(CelebWarship)

Who’s feeling perky?(TheStarBlogger)

Orlando Bloom #1!(Geno’s World)

Guess who’s opening the MTV Awards!(Right Celebrity)

Kim Kardashian!(Snarky Gossip)

Anne Hathaway hot bikini!(HQCelebrity)

Paris Hilton has changed!(CelebritySmack)

Clay Aiken,not that sexy!(Poponthepop)

Evan Rachel Wood interview!(LeaveUmALohan)

Elisha Cuthbert beach pics!(NewsToob)

Angelina Jolie an Maddox!(IntoGossip)

“White Strips” Jack White had baby!(DotSpotter)

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