The Daily Puke!


Baby Spice has a baby! (Geno’s World)

Mr. Big signs on to “Sex And The City Movie”(Celebrity Smack)

Christina Applegate’s divorce finalized!(Right Celebrity)

Terrence Howard recommends baby wipes!(Poponthepop)

GI-JOE the movie! (IESB)

No-Doubt new album! (Celebitchy)

Fat Nicole Richie!(Celeb Warship)

Strange beauty routines!(Celebsnow)

Amy Winehouse goes to rehab!(Maple Juice)

Bruce Willis bagged a bunny!(LeaveUmAlohan)

Jennifer Lopez defends her new movie!(NewsToob)

Megan Fox is all wet!(HQ Celebrity)

Debra Messing wearing skimpy cloths(NotoriousNews)

Nicolas Cage and Family!(Celebrity Baby Blog)

Danny Bonaduce!(LARagMag)

Roseanne Barr’s Rants!(Seriously? OMG! WTF)

Marilyn Manson Blows!(InnerDrama)

Ashley Olsen quotes!(Evil Beet)

Heidi Klum And her neighbors!(Into Gossip)

Paris finally got Adrian!(DotSpotter)

Ryan Reynolds quotes!(Snarky Gossip)

Britney Spears:Believe(Glitterati)

Ice T Loves Coco’s?(Celebpixx)

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